Is an External Burner any Good?

Sorry for starting off with a silly question, but I need some help. I need to buy a DVD burner for Video as well as copying dvd’s of my own.

My problem is this. I only have two bays, one has a Lite-On dvd-rom and the other has a Plextor Premium, which I hate to part with(I do a ton of audio burning).

Should I part with my excellent Plextor or should I buy an external burner. If it should be an external should I lean toward the PX-708U or maybe a lite-on external>

Pleas help. I am lost on this one. Thanks to All!!

my external works fine. If u can, try and go for firewire as its less strain on ur system, and for me, I get higher speeds than usb2. I bought a separate case and an IDE drive to save money.

I had the same dilemema so I went with an external enclosure with firewire and USB and an internal IDE DVD burner.
I have it hooked up to the firewire and not a lick of problems: even able to update firmware this way.