Is all DVD burning software comparable?

I have several pieces of software that are capable of burning DVDs. I Use NERO primarily. My question is when burning DVD movies does the quality of the burn differ with different software programs? Since I only use NERO I have no basis for comparison. Am I missing something? Some guys swear by IMGBurn but is the difference really noticeable?

It appears maybe I should have put this thread in the DVD burning section instead since there are no comments.

Hi donfm :slight_smile:

No, there are no writing quality differences between different burning apps. They all just send the same standard SCSI-3/MMCx commands to the drives over the SPTI or ASPI interface and then the drives firmware is in charge of the actual writing process. Then of course it’s also a matter of which media and write speed is used.

Now the reason why many ppl swear by ImgBurn(myself included :)), is that it is full of advanced options for controlling everything just the way you wan’t it and which isn’t found elsewhere in other apps. Other than that, then it’s also very stable, ligthweight and has a great interface for getting the job done quickly and with minimum fuzz and without any annoying wizzards or other crap like that.

In short, simply because LUK! rules :slight_smile:

CU, Martin.