Is all CD-R made in Taiwan



Hello Everyone

This past Sunday’s flyer had some good deals on CD-R packs like the Fuji’s at KMart. I went there and out of (12) spindles I found one that was marked “Made in Japan”. It had different packaging from the others which said “Made in Taiwan”. So I went by Circuit City which had the TDK’s on sale. They said “Taiwan” as well. I checked the Sony’s, Memorex and even the “HP” brand. All said “Taiwan”. I haven’t gone by Best Buy or CompUSA yet. Is there any brands out there still doing “Japan” made or the CD-R’s are Taiwan only now?

Kenny J.


There are still MIJ Fuji (Taiyo Yuden) CD-Rs at my local Best Buy. I’ve also seen Maxell CD-R Pro (also TY) at Staples and Office Depot.


Verbatim pastel are TY made in japan,


Nope there is also made in India -> Moser Baer -> who also makes MCC technology disc’s for verbatim.
In europe we have several other manufacturers for instance fuji also makes there own media in Germany.

but I guess you are interested in made in japan only stuff and specially TY you still have:
TDK (RARE but they still make some of there cd-r’s in japan for japanese market)

TY (Most of the media outside japan that states made in Japan )
For TY you can look at: Verbatim Pastel(only pastel !!), FUJI (MIJ), Maxell(MIJ note that Maxell can also mean made by Maxell japan but this change has become ultra small.), Plextor (All Recordables are TY from these guys !), TDK (MIJ most stuff out of japan that states MIJ is TY)


Also made in Greece,Germany,Italy,Singapore use “plasmon” tech by various factories under firms like Samsung,Mitsubishi,Creation,SanyoDigital,Verbatim (Europe) etc.
Also made in UK by Imation (CMC) factory and in Luxemburg (TDK Europe)
Also made in Germany by Primedisc (Ritek-Philips joint venture)
Also made in Mexico (for Verbatim and TDK release in America)
Daxon media (Acer/Benq brand) makes for Sony in Malaysia.
Beall (samsung’s co-operate company) made in Korea and Indonesia
Finally Verbatim “made in Singapore” are between best media quality in the world.

Take care many known Taiwan makers ,are now expanded discs production in China ,Hong Kong,Vietnam,Indonesia,Malaysia,Brasil,Mexico etc.


Factory is owned by CMC. At least in the Verbatim case and I think there’s good change that the same counts for TDK.