Is Alexa spyware/adware?

When recieving a download on Megaupload it tries and acheives putting Alexa on my computer has anyone noticed this when downloading from the site?

ugh just wait for the popups then you tell us whether it’s spyware/adware

start googling now for a removal tool and removal method. I had it on my computer and it was a bitch to get rid of.

lots of rebooting in safe mode, deleting reg keys, running removal tool, more rebooting, crossing fingers and doing a voodoo dance to hope it works, then repeating the process…

i ended up having to go the manual route from this site: but if you can get the automatic tool to work that’s MUCH preferable (and faster)

it’s technically an IE toolbar “helper” but it collects information and tracks your web useage. I don’t like that kind of stuff on my computer, and I might have not even noticed it if it wasn’t for the popups with “alexa” in the toolbar every 30 seconds…

(and the popups still came even though I was using firefox and had popups blocked)

also, for future reference technical problems/questions belong in forums other than the living room. no worries though. I’m sure a mod will swing by and move this thread

easily removed with Ad-Aware or spybot

Thanks Reasons you Gave me just what i needed to know Appreciate it. :clap:

Thanks Slayer