Is alcohol still deveploing?

After over comes alot of legal issues and technical issues, Alcohol have been succesful so far, but I have heard some said that it has been stopped, Any here know something about this??

Those rumors are not correct. Alcohol is being developed as we speak and new great features will be added to the next version, also some existing functions are to be enhanced.

going by the amount of Support Emails that i have answered today Alcohol is still going strong.

Of course its still developing. LOL just think about the logic. a few days ago 1.9.2407 was released. Do you think they would call it that if that was their last product. No my friends. It would be in the forums or new or something. Its logical theres no need for that. I’m not trying to be rude or anything i’m just saying

hmm, i thought latest version of Alcohol was ?

That is correct. That is the latest retail version available.

will alchol, in and of itself, make a non emulated copy of the latest securom?

AFAIK, Alcohol bases its SecuROM support by resorting to DPM which can be called an emulation.

Yes and no. No, because Alcohol’s native method as stated by Lvsitano is DPM. But yes, because with the use of the Alcohol tutorial mentioned in the Guides and Backup Tutorials Forum, you can make an image and then patch it with Twinpeaks/creator.