Is alcohol easy to use , the program!

LOL , we all know alcohol is good, but is it easy to work with
im your average joe, i have no idea what emulation and all that other bs, catch my drift. Clone CD will allways be the best because of its easy use foir dummies like me … so is anyone out there able to help shed some lighjt on this subject? Thanks freaks

Very, very easy


nice helpful answer man

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For the person who just " wants to write a cd " it’s not advisable to use Alcohol 120% in that , since you can get at a loss on the various technical terms.

In case of copying a cd i have never seen an easier program than CloneCd.

Then again , if you need to backup copy-protected cd-roms , you have to do some research and spent time and effort in learning the various methods and option. Alcohol 120% is no “perfect tool” , neither is CloneCD and every other writing product you can think of.

As far of easiness… It’s easy enough to learn , if you are willing to put some effort in it. But it’s not a “one button” program.