Is alchol 120% any good or is there a better one



hi the more i read about programs to allow me to make backups of cd and dvd’s the more problems there seems to be. i have a liteon dvd r/rw and have nero 6 reloaded. is alchol 120% any good or is there a better one that works without all the problems and fuss
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i have nero and others but, dvd decrypter and dvd shrink are all i use now for dvd. this site and some of the guides will help tons. :slight_smile: CINDI


I primarilly use nero for dvd movie backups. I think a lot of people use alcohol for games and cds and such. What kind of problems are you having with nero?



In reference to making backup of cd’s and Dvd’s, I am using Ghost to backup my operating system and hard drive.

Ghost creates an image, durning the backup process in a propriety format, and writes to either a CD-R or CD-RW, as well as DVD+R/+RW.

For this question, I am using CD-RW’s for the backup, all works well and I have tested and restored the entire system via the restore process using the CD-RW’s…

Here is the problem I am having.
After several backups I accumulate many CD-RW’s and wish to re-use them… BUT, Ghost will not allow the previously backup CD-RW’s to be written on again… States that it must be a newly formated or new CD-RW.

There is no function or feature, that I find in Ghost, to format the CD-RW’s, the manual states use a CD-RW utility. OK, I now take that to mean, I could use, Nero and/or INCD to erase the CD-RW to return it back to new status compatibility. Well, neither the nero nor the INCD will erase the CD-RW.

I have written Symantec about this issue and have not had any response from their so-called :bow: peeps… going on for about 4 weeks now, and I send the same request once a week… :frowning:

I would appreciate very much, assistance or a direction on which I can hopefully resolve this problem of formating the CD-RW ( and DVD-RW’s) returning them to so-called factory new.

Thanking you in advance,


as a follow up…

I have received a reply from Symantec in reference to Ghost not having the ability to re-use previously backup Ghost CD/DVD RW’s… they, symantec, state “that you will have to use a third party format program…” DUH… I have tried Nero erase, and InCD erase/format and they fail in either process…

I need a CD/DVD RW erase/format program that will restore used RW’s back to the orginal Factory status…

Any help would greatly be appreciated…

Thank you


You could try Feurio or CD Mate.


It all depends on what you want to do. I mean, Alcohol 120%, Nero, ect. are all great for regular backups but they don’t do jack for decrypting commercial DVD Movies. I have multiple programs but I only really use Alcohol 120% for copy protected CDs and for burning MDS files. DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter are the combo that I really use the most though. RNM V4.5 and Nero I also use for other applications. (Music CDs and Data).


thanks all i want to back up copright games and dvd’s. Nero won’t let me copy anything to do with copright. the way kids look after cd’s and dvd’s i am trying to only let them use a copy so not to damage originals. I have heard of clone cd/dvd but it means 2 different programs and so doouble the cost. but i have read that alcohol 120% has some conflict problems with nero 6. although i understand it at least will backup the latest games,music and dvd’s. Anyway nero ghost wont do what I need nor will nero 6, it has to be something that reads copyright discs


I thank you for the information… I will give them a try…

have a good day…


I have nero 6 and Alcohol 120% on my system and no problems here. I do know some ppl who have problems with nero and roxio installed on the same system.


as a follow up…

I have received a reply from Symantec in reference to Ghost not having the ability to re-use previously backup Ghost CD/DVD RW’s… they, symantec, state “that you will have to use a third party format program…” DUH… I have tried Nero erase, and InCD erase/format and they fail in either process…

I found a work-around to resolve my immediate problem.
After Ghosts has applied the backup on the cdrw’s regular erase willl not, at least for me function correctly… therefore
I format those cdrw’s with InCD Format, and then I do a InCD erase and that works. so the cdrw’s are now ready to be used again…

Extra work, but at least saves cdrw’s from being coasters…


What kind of games? (ie PC, XBOX, PS2, ect.) A world of difference in what is required for each setup.


You might want to check DVD_CD_Copy


You can use nero 6 or clone dvd or any other program like that to copy copy protected movies. None of the programs like that can get past the copy guard so thier is an additional program you must use. The only three I am aware of is smart ripper, dvd decryptor or anydvd. I used to use smart ripper a lot and it worked good but I havent used it latlly so I don’t know if it can deal with the latest copy protections (like sony arrcoss). Dvd decryptor can deal with the latest copy protections (on dvd movies that is). Dvd decryptor and smart ripper are both free. With either of them you are going to rip the movie (copy it to your hard drive) and in the process they will remove the copy protection. What you will end up with is a folder (usally named the same as the movie title) with the same contents and file structure you had on the dvd (a video_ts folder and an audio_ts folder). Thier may be additional folders for special functions like computer friendly options that you find on some disks. You can basically treat this folder as if it were the actual dvd. If you have nero6, use nero recode (the copy entire dvd-movie icon in nero start smart). When it opens, click import dvd but instead of importing the dvd disk, import the folder dvd decryptor/smart ripper created.
The other option (and in my opinion the best option) is any dvd. It is not free (40$) but well worth it as far as I am concerned. Any dvd will just run in the background and remove the copy protection. If you install it right it should be running everytime you start your computer. If you insert a copy protected disk, it will take several seconds to read it, a popup window will come up telling you info (just close the window) and you are ready to go. You can use any copy program you like and anydvd will run in the background and take care of the copy protection. Be aware that only some copy programs can compress the movie though (so you can fit a dual layer dvd-9 onto a single layer dvd-5 blank disk). Nero recode is one of the porgrams that can compress (since you already have that, give it a try with one of the three above programs). Fyi, any dvd only works with movie copy protection (not games and software).


I’m new to this and I, too, have lots of movies and three kids. I would like to make copies for myself and store the originals.

Please elaborate, if possible.

I’m ready to buy Any DVD as suggested. However, do I still need to have an additional copy program and then a compression program as well.

I also need to know what the best DVD burner to have is (in your opinion). I know it’s only an opinion but it would save me a lot of hassle.

To recap: I do not have a DVD burner at this time so would like a recommendation on DVD burner and all software needed to accomplish this.




Not to influence you at all, but at I found a Toshiba SD-R5372 for 55 us dollars… in fact I bought two… also I found that the RiDATA DVD + and - both in R and RW was a fairly good buy.
As to soft ware, I find Nero Ultra 6 to be the best all around software (No Copy Protected DVD)… unless you get anydvd (background copy protect remover)

However, I understand there is some exceptions to copy copy protected CD/DVD, such as games, and other related stuff of which I know nothing.

If those who do not find I am 80+% correct, please advise as I am all EYES…


Yes you need additional software besides anydvd. All anydvd does is run in the back ground and remove copy protection. Personally I like nero. It will copy and if nesasary, compress (as well as quite a few other things). It’s not the only good program out thier. Everybody has thier favorite and their are a few good ones.
As far as a drive, again, thier is not a best drive. Each have thier advantages. An nec would be a good choice (but thier are other good drives too).