Is AddFreeStats Spyware?

Hi guys
Being a privacy freak, wanna ask if anyone else has had this problem. Can’t find anything on searches all over. Program “AddFreeStats” is popular to track website visits - provides report of almost all of IP address, but not enough to id you personally. I don’t wanna be tracked!!! No way, nohow!!! Where I surf is MY goddam business!!! You would think I could simply manually set IE browser to block all cookies, even specify AFS as a no-no!
BUT NO!!! From experimentation, I find that no matter how I set security on my browser, my visits to sites which have AFS enabled still report me as a visitor. Hate it. “Block all cookies” should mean just that. How do these guys get around it??? AFS has a totally insufficient and not very honest privacy policy in my opinion, and I reckon it is in fact super-sneaky spyware. AdAware and Spybot don’t record it as a no-no - am I totally paranoid here??? Any help or advice gratefully received!! Cheers! :a

paranoiacs should be using an high anonymity proxy.
maybe something @


In case you don’t know, by visiting any site without a proxy, your IP address appears in the server’s log. Even if it’s not shown to you onscreen, it is saved and the site owner can get it.

If you are really paranoid about that then I suggest you look into some proxy service like anonymizer.

:smiley: Thanks guys, will look into anonymizing myself!!