Is a PX-716A suitable for my system



Hi guys,

I want to add a DVD writer to an Intel P III 1 GHz PC with 512 MB RAM (soon to be upgraded to 1 gig), 200 MB 7200 rpm ATA-100 HDD with 8MB buffer and windows xp pro sp2. After much thought, I settled on the Plextor 716A. However, I was disappointed to find that it needs at least an Intel P IV 1.4 GHz to run. However, browsing the forum, I have learnt that the ‘minimum’ specs for a drive are not really what is stated on the label. Do you think that the 716A will run fine on my system? If so… yipeeeee :smiley: … if not… which features will be fine and which will suffer :confused: …?

Thanks a lot,
Bharat. :cop:

PS: This is my first post… wooooo hoooooo…!!! :smiley: :bigsmile:


i think you should be just fine. you have a fast enough cpu, enough ram and a fast enough HD to keep up with anything the PX716 can do.

welcome to CDF :iagree: :smiley:


thanx drpino… i’ve learnt so much from CDF already… i only found it yesterday!!


baby boy 0007. Welcome to CDF and I hope you enjoy your Plextor. Remember to post some scans here when you get it. :slight_smile:


will do crossg… how was your experience with the 716A… u have much better grounds to make a judgement - your little army of drives!.. :smiley:


Well I wouldn’t call it an army. :slight_smile: You should see some of the people on this forum 8-10 drives. But the Plextor is first in my signature and first in my opinion. :wink:


lol… maybe i need to look around a bit more! :stuck_out_tongue:

you’ve made me feel good about the 716A already… i haven’t even ordered it yet!

i wish i had the time to build and maintain a ‘pc army’ of my own… tht would be awesome…! :smiley: well, i could could think of that as my summer ‘job’… :wink:


no prob baby_boy_007…CDF rocks so stick around and enjoy yourself :iagree:

better listen to crossg over me since i’ve got nothing but Plextor drives and haven’t had any issues with any of them (4) so i’m a bit biased.

i’d love to have a PC army too - just need to figure out how to fund the military :wink: