Is a "European CdFreaks" meeting possible?

Once in a while i get the feeling it would be quite cool if all members of CdFreaks could get together in some sort of meeting , little holiday or some other get-together-ing. Game a little,party a little,etc.

Unfortunately we all live thousands of miles from each other;So in order to set up such a meeting you’d have to drive to another countries and spend quite an amount of money for just a meeting.

But perhaps if more and more people would like to have such a gathering, costs can be shared (people drive together, book the same hotel room, whatever, or we just book an entire camping all for ourselves :wink: ) and a meeting could be actually possible.

Next thing is of course… where!? As i understand most of us come from Europe (The Netherlands,Greece,Denmark,Sweden,Germany,United Kingdom).

Any suggestions or is this idea so ridiculous it should be trashed?

it´s principle a nice idea, but as you said, it depends on the costs.

i would suggest a place were most of the interested cdfreaks have nearly the same way.

Imagine the LAN parties… :stuck_out_tongue:

I would be much pleased to participate in such a meeting.
However for me, money and time is a problem. At least for now. I am ending my college degree. More two or tree semesters and i am done. Than if get a job, and some time too, maybe i could be part of such meeting.
I live in Portugal and i would like to meet people from other European countries!
Maybe we could ask the European Union comission for financement. Since a meeting of people from diferent European countries is in the best interest of the Union. Or maybe this European Union financement thing is a very stupid idea!

if the meething place occour in pt :stuck_out_tongue:

we also pay for their meetings, they should do something for us :iagree:
(i don´t believe that they will do this :frowning: :sad: )

That’s actually a good idea. There are plenty of scene and lan parties going on in the different countries (see to know what i mean). We could also meet at such a place.

Paris seems a nice central european capital to go. It’s easily accessible by car,plane and train. Train is one of the cheapest form of transportation, so it could be more affordable to everyone.

sounds good, but i dont think my parents would let me go to anouther country by myself to meet up with a load of people from the interent :sad:

That’s not what most tabloids in the UK tell us (bad joke)

And you can bring your parents with you (especially if they’re filthy rich)

I vote for a small seaside town in South West Cornwall, UK. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hear Bournemouth is a lovelier place :wink: more golden beaches they say :slight_smile:

(Deep sigh)

Why the sigh Mr B?

Well , so far nobody wants to travel.

This a a big undertaking that requires a lot organising that i feel most people don’t want to do. It’s a nice idea on paper but reality wise, it might just be too big of an operation.

lets make real time video chat, everybody with a beer in front of his screen :stuck_out_tongue:

i think that most people here are not interested in such a meeting, and if such a meeting happens only about 20 to 30 people (max.) will be there:sad:

I don’t need the reasons, i know them. I need ideas! :slight_smile:
If nobody’s interested, the idea stops here, but if people are up for such a meeting i’d be happy to organize some things.

I thing they would not do this too! Thats why i think it´s a very stupid idea even asking for that!

hmmm… well yes. alot of english teens do run away with foregn 40 year olds ;), but my parents arnt filthy ritch, it my grandparents that pay for my computer stuff :wink: think its abit like communism, great in theory, in practise never works :sad: