Is a dvd movie a bootable disk



Is a dvd movie when its made is it bootable like windows, games and program on cds.

If its not bootable, if i copy a dvd movie thats on my hard drive exactly the same as it should be on the dvd will it work, if i copy it off my hard drive using nero. yes or no.


I think you mean “autoplay”. Bootable means you can insert the disc into your PC, turn it on and load the operating system up from the disc.

Autoplay means when you insert the disc in the drive and the correct app loads and starts to play (or run). For that, as long as autoplay is eneabled for dvds (which is is by default unless you or some program has deactivated it) then yes they will autoplay when inserted.


A knowledgeable prudent person would not have “AutoPlay” active on a computer now days.

There are all kinds of malicious programs that can be easily installed on a computer without ones knowledge. The Sony BMG RootKit malicious software is just one prime example. Once these malicious programs are installed it is very difficult to remove.



Naw, say it ain’t so! No company like Sony or Intuit (TurboTax) would do anything to cripple or damage your computer, would they?! Let alone, I’m sure they would not pay millions of dollars to USA states to settle lawsuits over their rootkit activities, cough Sony cough. :smiley: