Is a dvd decoder included in a software dvd player?

Is a dvd decoder included in a software dvd player? I ask because when I try to play a DVD using BlazeDVD player, it generates errors and must close. Then I get the message that my display adapter (NVidia TNT2 …32MB…) is incompatible with the dvd decoder. Any ideas on what’s going wrong here?
Device manager says I have the correct video driver and the BlazeDVD player will play a few seconds of the FBI warning before closing.

I’m almost wondering if the age and speed of your video card might be part of the issue? I used to always have problems with playing dvd with a motherboard that had onboard graphics. Same thing when I installed a radion 7000. I had to try several diffrernt players before I found one that worked (though it was kind of choppy sometimes). That was a while ago but I think power dvd was the one that finally kind of worked (win dvd always crashed). I would say try a few diffrent players and or try relaxing your video settings. Also try running in a small window rather than full screen. If it runs ok in a small window but messes up full screen, I would say, time for a new video card. It could of course be that some of the software players don’t support these old cards very well? I would try diffrent players (free ones or free trial ones) and see if you can find one that works (and try not running full screen like I said). When I upgraded to radion 8500’s, all my dvd playback problems seemed to disapear.