Is a Duron 1Ghz fast enough to play 720p vids?

well, is it enough? :wink:

Unlikely. You will probably need a fast dual core CPU and lots of ram to play those smoothly.

And a decent graphics card.

just out of curiosity what video is that that is running at 720fps??

:eek: It’s not 720[B]fps[/B]… it’s 720p. :slight_smile:

The five 720p frame rates in common use are 24, 25, 30, 50 and 60 Hz (or fps)

No, you would also require ram, vga card, motherboard, keyboard and some software.

Having an acellerated graphics card that can decode 720p mpeg (assuming that your file is in that format) on the fly may help enormously.

It depends on the used video codec. I can play almost smoothly MPEG-4 encoded videos in 1280x720 resolution on my 1 GHz Celeron with 384 Megs of RAM

i can have DUron 1.3Ghz and 512Mb rams and a 5600Ultra gfx wanting to play the wmv files that’s 720p :bigsmile: