Is a burned BD-R surface supposed to look like this?

So yesterday i burned my first blu ray with imgburn. When i took it out of the drive i noticed these weird circular patterns on the burned side.
Is this supposed to be normal? I can only see them in a specific angle.
I immediately thought that it was unreadable but no, i can read it just fine and a disc quality scan shows no major problems compared to what i’ve seen online.
Yes i know they are shitty ritek discs, but even so, are they supposed to create those patterns?

Disc scan:

This can happen, when the drive is adjusting the write strategy or writes with ZCLV.
You could try a different burn speed and see what happens.

I see you did a quality scan. And there shouldn’t be any problems with this disc. But be careful with Ritek Blu-rays, they can degrade and lose quality very fast. A scan every 6 months should be done, if there is important stuff on the disc.

Thank you for your reply. I was monitoring the burn and noticed that it used P-CAV.
This burner is on an external usb 2.0 housing and i use a single usb cable to power it. I thought about how usb 2.0 can only provide 500mA and how that might give me troubles but i used one of those inline usb power meters and noticed that the player sometimes draws 900mA, specially when spinning up, so my usb port can definitely provide the power and since it can read and write without errors i didn’t care.
Anyway, the housing also has a barrel connection to hook up a second usb cable to a second port. I’m going to try with that connected to see if is in fact a power issue.

About degrading blu-rays. I thought HTL discs used an inorganic material that didn’t degrade. Is this really a thing?
A read a lot about how DVD’s can degrade over time but even just yesterday i tried some old crappy quality chinese made DVD’s (burned 8 years ago, stored on a spindle) and they read just fine… i even quality scanned one with the same software and it was great…
I mean, if they were archival grade or m-discs i would understand but no, “nashua” brand with purple dye.
If a disc with an organic dye can last so long, do inorganic HTL blu-rays really degrade faster?

I’m going to burn another blu-ray with the second usb cable attatched. I’ll post the results in a bit

I had some Ritek Blu ray discs that deteriorated in about three or four years, to the point they were unreadable. No problems in the initial burns, no issues in playback when tested soon after they were made. They just didn’t last.

I don’t use Ritek for anything.

Ok so the results are pretty much the same. The new disc also has marks although smaller

The surface scan is better than the first burn but it’s probably due to the fact that crappy quality blu-rays are like this, some better than others, even from the same batch.

I was really curious to know if someone already had this “problem”.
For now i’m going to believe that the burns are good and with luck they will last me some good years. I’m not using them as backup media so it’s ok if they stop working.

Just out of curiosity, i tested some old dvd’s i had laying around, most from 2006, some from 2005, brands line “princo, prime disc, rivision”, they were the cheapest i could find at the time and they all read fine… the drive doesn’t even struggle in the beginning, they are immediately detected and i can browse them very fast.
I then tested even older CD-R’s, most from 2001 and one from 1999 (with a deep blue dye), again they were all recognized and the data seemed fine, only one struggled a lot in the beginning but it was the only one with scratches.
After all this time i thought they were completely gone…

Yeah CD’s and DVD’s can last very long, when stored adequately.
Their biggest enemies are heat, sunlight and moisture.

The recording dye used in those RITEK BR2/3 has some serious design flaws. Three months ago (after reading all those horror stories on the forum), just of curiosity I burned one BR2 (Maxell branded, packed in jewel case) on my Pioneer 209EBK. Last week I noticed thumb sized smudge/stain inside the recording layer. It seems that fading of the data has begun. My drive doesn’t support quality scanning on blu-ray media so I can’t actually tell how big the problem is. So far TRT looks fine.

Ritek produces some fine media like RITEKF1 and RITEKF16 (Fuji oxonol dye) that has proven longevity. Unfortunately their in-house developed blu-ray is not good at all.

Thank you for your replies.


Ok so almost a year later, i did another scan to compare. It’s a bit worse but not much. I was actually expecting a complete mess from what i’ve read around. Also, those “Read speed” drops were my fault. They showed up when i moved the opti drive window around.
i’ll bump this thread again in one year for another scan.

~30% increase after one year is quite much I would say, but I think this is just normal for Ritek BD-Rs. Let’s see how it looks next year.

It looks like it stayed pretty much like the last time
Anyway, i had fear these discs wouldn’t last more than a year (like some users reported). It looks like i can count on them for at least a couple of years more. I won’t bump this thread anymore (or maybe i do when they finally fail).