Is a 825mb bin too much to overburn with nero? Help

I’m using 700mb cd-r disks and I’m trying to burn a bin file that is 825mb, but I don’t want to overburn that much because I think it may be harmful. I have tried to convert the bin to iso with winISO, but winISO won’t convert it. However, I don’t think that it is a corrupted bin as winISO wouldn’t convert another bin earlier, but the bin turned out to be ok. Is there any other way I can compress the BIN file to around 750 or 760 mb? Thanks

i dont think that is the actual size of the file. i think when it is burnt to disc its size is much smaller.

use 90 minutes cds. that would most probably solve your problem. also if you are creating a vcd, the size willdefinately be much smaller.

what kind of bin is it? Because when it is a audio or vcd the file size can be much more then the stated 700 mb of a 80 min cd.
But you can go on the safe site by using the 90 min cd’s

  It is a vcd, yes. When I go to burn it in Nero, it is 804mb so I'm guessing that is it's actually size.  Still to big for me, but I do have the rars for this bin and it is cd 1 of a 2 cd movie. I have all the rars to both cds. Would it be possible to take the last few rars of cd1 and put them with cd2 and then extract the bin from cd 1. This seems logical to me and maybe could work if I put the last few files of cd1 at the top of cd2. Anyone know if this would work?

I’ve heard that winISO won’t convert vcd’s…is there an iso converter out there that does convert vcd’s? This is a vcd in bin format.

When you install deamon tools you can see inside the bin file as if it was a normal cd
now you wil see a mpeg file which you can copy to your hd and burn with nero as a videocd
This mpeg is about 800 mb. Due to error correction on a vcd you can put more data on a vcd then on a cd rom (it’s the same with audio cd’s when you look at the file size of the wav files it also exceeds 700 mb when you want to burn 80 minutes on a cd)

btw maybe you can burn this bin with fireburner?

If it is a raw image, you should get in to a 700 MB disc, but you have to overburn it (about 367000 sectors, i.e. 715 MB if measured in normal data mode)

Is it ok to burn a 800mb mpeg? I should have no problems with this? The bin as it is is actually 807mb.

   What steps do I take to burn a mpeg with Nero? Also, the mpeg I extracted from teh bin is 814mb in windows will these size decrease when I go to burn it in Nero? Thanks

This is going to be difficult and is not really something for “newbie forum”. The Mods might move it and edit a link into my post if they feel like this.

If you burn a MPEG to CD in VCD-Format, each sector contains 2324 Bytes MPEG-data and 28 Bytes overhead (so called “mode 2 form 2”.
If you then read the CD or make in image from this cd and extract a file, you’ll get MPEG-Data+Overhead, because windows reads it this (stupid) way.

807 MB is about 8071048576 / 2324 = 364113 sectors. If you now calculate the overhead, it is 28364113 = 10 MB. So if you burn a 807 MB MPEG file as V-CD and then read the file from CD, you should have 817 MB, instead of 807 (there’s missing something, just don’t know where it is, maybe I find the fault)

Use ISO-Buster to extract the MPEG-File from the image and select “extrac raw, but user data only” or the such.

Nero can also burn the image directly. Simply choose file->burn cd image