Is a 50 count cakebox of Taiyo Yuden w/o stacking ring a fake?

I just got 2 50 count cakeboxes of Taiyo Yuden 8x silver lacquer DVD-Rs and neither box had a spacer or stacking ring… When I got 2 of these back in Oct they had them, how come now they don’t? And if the easiest way to tell the TY made Sony’s is by the white octagone shaped spacer then why doesn’t the TY’s have any spacers in their cakebox?


Hi :slight_smile:

Not sure about the stacking thing, but have a look around the hub of the discs for a set of numbers.

If genuine, your 8x -R should have a number like this: GGxxxxxx



Just got four 50 piece cakeboxes of T02 from Rima - and none of them have a spacer ring on top of the discs (wish that they did though) - and coming from Rima - I [B]know[/B] that they are not fakes!!


I never got a spacer ring from the Yudens from Rima, but they were always perfect, and as Big Mike said I know they are not fakes.

A lot of TY media sold in 50 disc cakeboxes is broken down and repackaged from 100 disc packs at retail level which can explain missing spacers etc

I’ve bought a few 50 disc tubs in the past only to find finger prints on the odd disc or bottom disc scratched etc because nothing is isolating it from rubbing directly with the bottom of the tub. Different batches of discs can also be mixed giving widely varying results within the same tub.

Better to buy 100 at a time to reduce handling/mishandling problems IMO

My understanding is that 50pks of TY with the white paper on top come from TY packaged like that.

You are correct. No reputable dealer is selling “re-packaged” discs.

Are you sure?
Maybe not in the u.s. but in europe you could get repackaged TY media. And they’re of course real.

I was seriously wondering the same thing.
I just got my first order of TY disks a 50 count cake box.
I will admit that I have yet to try and burn one, however looking at the disks I have a few questions that I would really appreciate some advice with.
Are they real? There are a few things that have me a little suspicious.
The # stamped on my inner ring does not start with GG, it is “1F520A201179PG” There are also #'s burned in the disk just past the inner ring reading “TG001162” and "0803"
Plus I also read somewhere that TY inner rings are frosted?? mine are clear.
The other thing I noticed when looking closely at the purple writing surface on a couple of the disks is that I can see in the bright light near the outer edge what appears to be some minor pitting?? Almost as if the ink or dye was being spread to thin near the edge. Please bear with me as I have no idea really what I am talking about. It is not terrible, as a matter of fact barely noticeable, but I am a paint inspector by trade, and a little bit of a perfectionist. LOL
I have not seen that before on a disk so thought I would mention it.
Do these sound legit? Should I worry about the “pits”?
Thanks again.

Read the Taiyo Yuden FAQ.

100% legit. Don’t worry about it.

Just to clear up a few questions.

TG is YUDEN000 T02. Only TYG02 discs have GG. Your hub codes are fine.

Only TY’s CD media is frosted. I’m not sure about 2x TAIYOYUDEN (2x DVD-R) media by TY, which is a mystery anyway.

If you can make a photo it would be good. Or just do a quality scan to see whether TY discs have quality problems at the end.