Is a 2MB cache enough for a blu-ray burner?



Looking to buy the LG BD Burner currently on sale for $100 at NE

but am concerned it only has 2MB of cache when competing models have larger 6-8MB caches. Is extra cache necessary if the PC has plenty of processing power (Phenom II x4 @3 GHz) and will never likely encounter all four cores running at 100% during a BD burn?



I have BH10LS30 (same drive), and it have 4MB buffer, based on Opti Drive control Drive info. I also read over the internet that this drive have only 2MB buffer. You will not get 100% on Your processor when You burning BD-R (only in case that You are doing something else in the same time). I have AthlonX2, and no problems with Blu-ray burning.


Okay, thanks for the help! :cool: