Is 8x DVD+RW media available yet?

It’s quite difficult to search forums for “8x DVD+RW” - most will return that all the terms are too short to search for!

Anyway, my NEC 3540A writer is supposed to write DVD+RW at 8x, so where do I get them? All the usual places I buy media only sell up to 4x. I did find one link to 8x discs at a suspiciously good price:

Given I can’t find these anywhere else (in the UK), are they for real?

If not, whats the fastest DVD RW media you can get right now?

Not sure if the link you provided is really 8X DVD+RW media, but you may want to read the following before you buy any 8X DVD+RW media:

They are not backward compatible with older burners/recorders and some of the older drives may have problems playing back recorded 8X DVD+RW media as indicated in the link. I’m sure some online retailers are offering 8X DVD+RW media even if you don’t find them in the retail channels yet.

I purchased Memorex 8X DVD+RW at my local Microcenter (Ohio, USA) for $10 a 5 pack with case. These are Ritek 008, part # 3202 5568, made in Taiwan. They burn as rated. Results are ok for a RW, with an occasional burp on playback on my standalone Phiilps DVP642 DVD player. has a couple. Anygood? Dont have a clue

If you can get this stuff anywhere, burn quality is much better than the Ritek stuff :


Hey thanks for this. I got some year old sony 4X +r/w that is going flakely and it has not even been used yet. I think the burner FW does not support it anymore.

And Verbatim 8x DVD+RW (MKM.A03) is even better.

Burned with BenQ 1640 BSLB:

That IS a pretty darn good scan! I have a 1640 on BSLB as well so I’ll do a burn on the RICOHJPNW21 media I have. Doubt it will be that good, but it will give people in the thread something with.

Where you get these? Rima don’t have them :frowning:

Wow, really good!! :clap:

What drive and firmware are you using ??? My NEC’s won’t burn these discs… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I used a BenQ DW1640 with firmware BSLB.

They will also burn in my Plextor PW-716A with firmware 1.09, but a disc locked up in that ODD while doing a full erase and became unusable. No matter what I tried, including multiple applications for erasing and both of my ODD’s, I could not get it erased and recognizable again. The disc met it’s demise in my shredder and now looks like pretty confetti. From now on, I just use the BenQ with these DVD-RW’s.

Maybe a hacked firmware for your NEC might do the trick. If not, give the Verbatim DataLifePlus 4X DVD+RW (MKM A02) a try. They work great for me in either drive even after ~20 rewrites. Ignore the horrible Quality Scan In Nero CD DVD Speed as long as the disc plays for your purpose, otherwise the scan may “freak” you out. (Never use RW’s for long term archiving unless you enjoy having a stroke when you find your data is corrupted!)

I cannot find any 8x Verbatim DVD+RW here in the UK.

I have just ordered some 8x Ricoh DVD+RW instead.

Should be ok with your 4163B. I have one as well and have used Ricoh 8x DVD+RW on it.

Thanks for that.

Hopefully the Pioneer 109 will be happy with Ricoh discs also.

for Canadian shoppers, I found Ridata 8X DVD+RW on

My 8x Ricoh DVD+RW discs arrived today.

I was pleasantly surprised that my NEC 4550 burned them at 8x, as the review stated 6x and 8x for DVD-RW. However, a visit to NEC’s website confirmed that the review had transposed the speeds, which are 8x for DVD+RW and 6x for DVD-RW.

My Philips 1640 does not recognise the Ricoh discs - my firmware is B3.6 which is the latest, AFAIK. My other DVD drives are not installed.

The Transfer Rate (using CDSpeed version 4.10) was 6.07 mins (average = 9.80x) for the NEC 4550. For the Philips 1640, it was 9.35 mins (average = 6.25x).

Here is a Scan :

My question is an 8x +RW media can be burnt at 4x by older drives (like Plex 712 or Pio 108) or they damage the dye due to diferent laser power?

I bought a 25-pack of Ritek DVD+RW 8x last week from for $29.50. I burned a test DVD on my BenQ 1640 with BSMB firmware at 8x. I don’t have access to the Nero CDSpeed scan image right now, but it was a 95 or so. I’ve only burned the one so far, but it looks very good. :slight_smile:

I doubt it. With my BenQ 1640, the only speed choice I have (with Ritek 8x +RW media) is 8x. I think it’s not meant to be burned any slower, and I doubt the older drives would recognize the media code. Whether or not it would do any actual damage, I don’t know.

Come to think of it, I have a Pioneer 108 too. I’ll try popping one of these into it and see what it says. Not sure if I’ll actually try to burn one in the Pioneer, but let’s see what it thinks of the new media code.