Is 8152 the top limit for DL Burns?

hi peeps,

I have to admit I’m at a bit of a loss, I recently got myself a BlueRay PC reader and decided to have a go at converting one of my movies to WMV-HD so I could backit up onto a dual layer dvd and play it in the lounge on my xbox360.

Anyway I followed a tutorial and after hours of graft ended up with my movie, the movie works fine sound sync’d etc I was happy until I noticed the file size.

I assumed I had calculated to the size to 7.8GB but nero states it at 8165mb.
The maximum allowed burn in UDF according to nero is 8152mb :sad:

so rather than go back to the drawing board and start from scratch is there anyway of squeezing an extra 10 - 15mb out of a DL DVD ??

I am guessing nero set’s aside a lump of space for lead in/out … can this be reduced ?

( I can’t trim it because it has a hidden scene after the credits! )

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You could TRY overburning DVD±R DL, but only with Benq or Plextor dvd burners.