Is 812@832 removed?

Is the patched version 812@832 removed?
Is the latest VS08 stable?

Thanks and regards.



Yes, it has been removed. People were failing to recognize that the prepatched 812S@832S was identical to an OmniPatched stock 832S. So to reduce the confusion that was being caused, prepatched 812S@832S firmwares have been pulled.


I just have my own 812s, but i don’t know wich firmware i should use to upgrade to a 832s?
i know that i have to look at the following site
but do i have to use the one under the
LiteOn SOHW-812S
LiteOn SOHW-832S
and if so which patch do i have to use?

I’m a very nooby here, first time i will use it.


I’ve just upgraded my LiteOn SOHW-812S. Use the LiteOn SOHW-832S firmware and then follow the instructions on

yes but wich patch (firmware)?
LiteOn SOHW-832S
• VS04/VS05/VS08 - stock - unscrambled (dhc014)
• VS0A - stock - unscrambled
• VS04 - patched - 451S@832S, 851S@832S
• VS08 - patched - 451S@832S, 851S@832S
• VS0A - patched - 451S@832S, 851S@832S

or did you use the firmware
on this site

• VS0A - stock - unscrambled

but make sure you patch it as mentioned above

bimbla, wich path did you use?

I used :VS0A - stock - unscrambled found at:

I opened and edited this using Omnipatcher. Enabled it for cross patching/ dead blink led and autobit setting. Left all other things unchecked (slower speed, better quality)

I hope you get it right.


yes thx bimbla

hey bimbla did you test any dl dvd’s?

No, they are not available in India yet. But has been tested in the forum elsewhere and should be just fine, for sure.


Hi bibla,

How much does a 812 cost in India (in Rs) and where did you buy?. My friend wants to buy one.


It should cost around Rs. 5500/-
Should be available at Lamington Road Shops in Mumbai.
Specifically, try Prime ABGB, Kartar Mansion. Lamington Road, Mumbai.

Where is your friend from?

He’s from Bangalore. Thanks for the info.


i’ve just ordered an 812S from

do u have any advice for me

see ya.

Just enjoy it. Enable dual layer, but I don’t recommend speed (read or write ) boost.


How much did you pay for it?

thanks bimbla i will only enable DL and auto bitsetting. :bow: :slight_smile:


hi bhairav it cost me Rs.6000 for Black Liteon 812S
and Rs.250 for shipping. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: