Is 768 K RAM ok for one internal burner and one external one?

is 768 K DDR, 333MHZ RAM enough for one internal burner and one external one? on one computer?

is 768 K DDR, 333MHZ RAM enough for one internal burner and one external one? on one computer?

768Mbs is more than enough :wink: aslong as you arent talking about burning with both at the same time as that isnt my area

More than plenty. I have 512 megs of PC-3200 DDR Ram with Hyper-Threading technology enabled (2x256 megabyte sticks) and I have 3 DVD-Burners in the computer (2 internal - 1 external) and can honestly say that I have absolutely no problems unless I screw something up. :wink:

my dell manual says i have pc 3200 400mhz but when i look in my bios it says I have 333 mhz DDR dual channel? which one is correct? anyone knows where I can buy dual sticks as this bs computer takes only dual sticks. i want to buy 512 ddr ram in total.

Man, we tried… three weeks ago… did you say memory?


BTW, “768 K” is not sufficient, but 768MB is. :cool:

oh man ur so right i forgot the excellent web sites yo directed me to. :eek:

Jimmy just go buy 2 sticks of whatever memory. Look to see on the package if they are the same lot number and you will be fine. Sure have missed you, it’s like getting the Sunday paper and the funnies are missing.

my texas hillbilly friend. how do I check what memory my computer carries?
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I remember you said you have a Dell Dimension 4600. There are four slots in the mother board. Check how many are installed already. Your memory spec should be: PC2700 (333Mhz) or PC3200 (400Mhz) DDR SDRAM. Go with the 400Mhz ones.

thanks zevia you are always helful without being sarcastc.
i have two computers . one is good with p4 3.2 mhz and 512 ram. its a gateway. and i dont need anything for that. i have benq 1620 inside that one. and its working great.
but the old one has always been weird. its weird becoz since the day i bought t it has acted wierd sometimes the computer has two screens with two arrows, two windows screens on the computer monitor… overlapping each other. its a dell 4600. with 4 slots. when i looked at bios it said 256ddr dual channel 333mhz.
now i thought 333mhz is pc 2700
i thought pc 3200 is 400mhz.
where do i look what crappy memory this crappy computer has?
i am through with dell.

I would like to have that kind of bandwidth… hmmm but 768Mbps, not 768Gbps??

Anyway, why is this a topic on BenQ forum? :bigsmile:

For easy choice, get DDR-II PC, but I guess this is not a right time for a motherboard upgrade.

US$80 for 512MB module. (Samsung RAM modules are most expensive in South Korea.)