Is 716A discontinued?

Hi everyone,

Are the variations of 716A model being discontinued? I went to my local Fry’s and Best Buy, and neither carry it any more. Are there any brick n’ mortar stores still carry them? (I am in Northern California – I am willing to buy online, but I tend to prefer local stores for drives in case there are issues.)

I realize 716A has had a spotty history; but I’m pretty happy with the most recent one I got a few months ago, and I’d like to get another Plextor 8MB cache burner in a new system I’m building.

Sorry if this has been discussed before; but if 716A really is being discontinued, will there be another model (soon) with 8MB cache?

Any tips and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


I tink the slot loading versions are still in production. Anyway if you don’t need overburning 755A is cheaper and better.

I don’t overburn; but I like the 8MB cache – I know with Burn-proof it probably doesn’t matter much, but I feel like I’m buying a less competent burner with 2MB.

But 755 and 760 produce much better burns at high speeds than 716.

In europe the drive is still available, don’t really know how the situation is on the u.s. market. But i can also recommend the 760, is a good drive.

8MB cache is outmoded - At highest speed it is virtually useless in the face of BURNproof, esp. on DVD, and as Plextor are trying to be cheap they probably cut that since it has such a low benefit vs cost ratio.

But I agree, I miss the safety feeling of having an 8MB buffer, esp. since I tend to burn at lower speeds with BURNproof disabled!

One question.

Wich one is better at 8X?

The 716 or the 760?


760, when you look at the coloration of a 8x burned disc on a 716 and then look at a 8x burned disc on a 760 the 760 provides a closer uniform colour than the 716. The 716 tends to give random color variations throughout the burning process which causes the disc to error near the end when scanned under Nero CD-DVD speed.

Definitely yes. 760 produces smoother and more consistent burns.

I have had one since they 1st came out and have burned well over 350 dvd’s and countless cd’s…
I just bought a new one tonite from new egg for the day this one craps out [and they are discontinued] which it will someday…
A little exspensive? yeah… but none of the troubles that so many seem to have so gotta be the pc’s in many cases also don’t you think?
especially when one after another fails on the same system?

I perfectly agree with that. Have not had any trouble with the 716 so far.