Is 600MHz system a requirement for DVD writer?

Most of the DVD writers I’ve considered buying list a 600MHz system as a (minimum?) requirement. Is this related to the software or the hardware? How firm is this requirement? My two systems are 450MHz PIII and 500MHz PIII ASUS P3B-F’s with 256MB and 512MB of RAM, respectively.

I’m thinking of buying a relatively inexpensive NEC ND-1100a, just to play around with until the DVD burner hardware scene settles down a bit, but will it work at all on either of my systems, considering the stated 600MHz requirement?

I realize I’m due for a hardware upgrade very soon, but these two ASUS motherboards have been rock-solid and reliable as a stone axe and not being a gamer, I’ve had no compelling reason to upgrade, yet.

You can try the P-3 500MHz w/ 512 RAM, with ABSOLUTELY every other program, AV, Firewall, etc. shutdown and disable/disconnect from the internet, etc…and defrag your HD, and empty your temp internet files, but juggling 4GB’s of data en route to the DVD, and the burning process is demanding.

I don’t know where the actual system performance cutoff is, but you might be able to squeak by. Make sure you are running either Win2k or XP with the NTFS file system due to the DVD sizes.

Just out of curiosity, I burned a CD-R image (not DVD!) with CloneCD and ran system information and Task Manager performance graphs while burning, and took a screen shot. I was suprised to see so CPU/Memory demands as shown in this jpg of my desktop.

I have an Athlon XP2700+ (that is overclocked), WD-1800JB Hard Drive, 1GB of Corsair XMS PC3500 DDR (fastest available for Athlon) in an Asus A7N8X NF-2 mobo with all the latest hardware, and XP-Pro firmware and software updates.

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Thanks for the reply and all your work. I plan on using The NEC-1100a on the 500MHz system as the hard drives are Ultra160 SCSI and the Adaptec host adapter imposes practically no load for disk I/O on the CPU. This should help the situation considerably.

Also, I can set the ND-1100a by itself as Master on the primary IDE controller and the Plextor CD-RW and the Toshiba DVD-ROM as Master and Slave, respectively, on the secondary IDE controller. Since these are all Ultra DMA33 drives, they should be pretty well matched, performance-wise.

I may just get away with it for now. I hope so, as I just ordered the NEC ND-1100a today.

Yeah, if you are using a NTFS file system, are not running anything else, close AV/Firewall (Zone Alarm, NIS, etc.), disable your NIC for the burn, you can probable make it. I would start out with RW media so you don’t get any coasters. Yeah, you should do better with the Ultra-160 SCSI burning from a HD image to the DVD.

I have the same Secondary Master Plextor 48x RW and Sony DRU500AX in Slave, which works fine. Update your firmware if any is available for it. Worst case scenario is you have a nice DVD ready for your next PC upgrade.