Is 5.1 or better sent out through the hdmi hook up now in PDVD 8



I have OEM version 3516a and I was complaining to cyberlink about not getting 5.1 sound.My pc did not come with optical out or digital out from the Realtek HD Audio card/onboard.It has the drivers and they tell me that 5,1 will go out the HDMI as spdif out to be decoded by a receiver.But not with PDVD 7,it sends out only 2 ch DD.I am thinking about building the Media Player Classic to play my HD stuff,it can be done,they are doing it over at AVs forum.Does any body have their sound going out the HDMI to the TV and passed on to your receiver that way and getting 5.1 DD,EX or DTS-core-matrix,what ever?I used to have my HD-A30 hooked up this way,(rca out to LG 47" LCD and optical from TV to Onkyo HT530.I go analog from HTPC to Onkyo now.My Onkyo only does 5.1 analog,but it will decode DTS -discrete/matrix or DD EX 6.1, the only 7.1 is the DD PL IIx and that is from a 2 ch source. I do not know if I should by the $79.00 upgrade if I can not get the digital out through the HDMI the way I described.I want to watch my vast collection of SD dvd’s also with good sound.I feel like Dolby Digital EX sounds better than the analog 5.1 hook up I am using right now but when I play a Blu-Ray and set the audio to the best one it is pretty good.So does it decode and send it through the hdmi?


I have my HTPC setup via optical and it will send 5.1 DD, DTS to my Yamaha receiver, works fine.

Did you update the Realtek Audio driver? What motherboard you have?


Hi Zevia here is my motherboard ECS MCP61PM-GM AM2 mATX motherboard
here is a page that you can read about my system
It’s a nice piece,read the part where the guys are talking about hooking a connector up to the motherboard to go rca(dig out) I seen the connector they are talking about.I got power Dvd ultra 8 upgrade for 56.96 us,then today they send me a update for my 7.3 OEM to 3730a,from 3516a.All along I could only get 2 ch DD from the hdmi I have to go to my LG 47’ LCD HDTV with the HDMI hookup and then Digital from TV to Onkyo HT-R530 AV 7.1 receiver.It does not have HDMI,the new 605 does and they are coming down $399.99.I go analog out now to Onkyo and it sounds good with the PDVD 8 because it will send out 4608 kbps where digital sends 640 kbps.Thats with the regular 5.1 not the HD formats.I can only do the HD formats as lcpm 5.1.I tried 2 times to use the HDMI out and PDVD 8 froze up.I got to investigate further.