Is $49.99 a good price for Nero 7 Enhanced?

Best Buy has it on sale for $49.99 with Instant in store rebate. No mail in rebate required. Good Deal?

I hate to see anybody spend money on that bloated package, but $49 is not a bad price for it. If you need the license and plan to use it, I’d go for it.

Imgburn is free. Hard to beat that price.

Yeah, but it’s not as user friendly as the core Burning ROM app, ya know? Plus it won’t rip ISO’s.

I do wish we had a full-featured freeware alternative though. But the few free apps that do that stuff have not been updated recently.

I wish Ahead would simply sell the core Nero Burning ROM app for like $19.99 as a stand-alone package.

Taylor30: This is the time of year where there are almost always great deals (with rebates) if you search them out. Nero 7 Ultra Edition Enhanced Minibox for $10.

$10 is great price, but link you sent us to is $30,cause dont get the $20 coupon for orders less than $50, at least as i read it. (Hope im wrong)

You need to use Google Checkout to get the additional discount.

Dont understand. Imgburn is not a ripper, its a burner. And it will burn ISO

But you suggested ImgBurn as an alternative to Nero, right?

I guess I’m just saying that ImgBurn doesn’t come close in terms of normal burning features. Nero Burning ROM, the core app, is much more capable and has a much superior project window, with a full directory tree on the left, the file list on the right, and the ability to quickly and easily drag, drop, sort and manipulate files in the panes.

It has project types clearly separated into easy to understand categories too. You want a DVD Video project, you just select it.

ImgBurn does not make it obvious at all that you can burn VIDEO_TS folders to DVD movies, for example, and LUK refuses to update the interface to even add a simple “Burn Video Disc” command in the Build menu.

I just don’t see how the two can even be compared in terms of basic burning functionality.


  1. Why did you stress that Imgburn wont rip ISO’s. [B]Imgburn wont rip anything, so why pick on ISO’s[/B]?
  2. I was focusing on the burning aspects of Imgburn, never said it was a complete package.
  3. For what i want to do, burn and compress and reathor, i can get all that functionality out of two FREE programs, namely, IMGburn and DVDShrink (as opposed to nero burning rom and nero Recode)

As it happens, i got nero free with my burner, so use it to burn, but still use shrink.
Point is if someone wants a free alternative these two free progams work great.

Like i always say, to each there own, so if you want all the bells and whistles, go with nero.
For $10, id be sorely tempted to buy it.
Great find on Jeff’s part.

Cause it now has a BUILD Mode. You can BUILD an ISO, just not rip one. Seems lame.

Nero is just a more well-rounded product and can do data burns nicely.

I agree that DVD Shrink is better than Recode, and I like that ImgBurn can burn both ISO and VIDEO_TS folders to make DVD’s, but I just think it is lacking in other areas and that makes enough of a difference to me.

If I had to pick one option, I’d pick Nero - reluctantly.

If there was a free app that did the good stuff that Nero Burning ROM can do, I’d be all over it like funky on a monkey.

i think you are missing my point.
Tell me, what can Imgburn rip??
And BTW, what can nero rip.
And by rip i mean decrypt.

I thought everybody should know they removed the Google checkout which gave you another $20 bucks off so now it is $29.00 with rebate.

But still better than $49

Suggestion: Download the trial version (good for 30 days) and check on a daily basis. I’m confident they (or someone else) will have a similar offer.

Yes, it’s hard to beat. But you are comparing apples to oranges. Burning images is only 1 of the multitude of things you can use Nero Ultra Edition for.

Well, the truth is that we are all rather stabbing in the dark.
Perhaps if Taylor could inform us of the functions he needs from Nero, we can all better help him.