Is 3520 really that lousy of a reader?

It seems like it has trouble reading what it has burned. With cheap media (ProdiscS03 burned at 4x) it aborts with read or seek arror around 3.8-4GB mark. Wth TYG02 (burned at 8x) that shows great PIF/PO scans it finishes transfer rate test but it will not go above 8x read speed and the curve is jagged, not smooth. All of the media has great transfer rate curves on the LiteOn DVD-ROM reader (model 165 I think) and on the Plextor 715A.
Is that a norm or is my drive a little bit on the shabby side?

I believe it’s known that the 3520 seems to have an issue once it hits the 14x mark with reading. I know other people have suggested to keep transfer rate tests at 12x as this seems to result in a more stable result. I don’t know how much of a help this is to you but figured I’d at least try to help. :slight_smile:

Yeah, thanks, but mine doesn’t even hit 14x, it never goes above 8x.