Is 24x CDRW media availible in Australia?

Has anyone spotted the UltraSpeed 24x CDRW around in Australia yet?

Some of big stores are still trying to flog 4x media and even 12x is still rare.

Hey Jovo:

Nope…I havent found a single place yet!!! Darn this fortress we live on hey?


Rest assured, as time goes by, the media will pop up…although, it does surprise me that 12X media is STILL hard to get hold of. I have found with my LTR48125W with the VS08 firmware that I can burn a 10X RW at 12X with no errors…

as for 24X…different kettle of fish I think…=/

10X rated CD-RW will burn at 12X on any 12X rated burner as the CD-RW rated at 10X uses the same writing stratigy as a 12X disc, basicaly it is the same disc…

I have never seen a 24X CD-RW for sale anywhere TBH.

I have 10x Laser CDRW, nero doesn’t allow me to burn it at 12x (no such speed option)

for 12x CDRW, I bought about 10 from Harvey Norman. It’s Verbatim DataLifePlus 4x~12x CDRW 74Min 650MB. From the test results I got here, its quality is better than the laser (although laser is 700MB).

Verbatim is $2.5 each
same as the laser i bought.

It’s hard enough to get 80 min 4x to 10x cdrws here, let alone 24x cdrws. :frowning:

Well the only way i got my 10x 650MB RW was with my Ricoh and my 12x 700MB with my Liteon

Mayhaps the Drive creators should start releasing their CD to market since they are the only ones bothered to bring out the faster media

Even in the States, its hard to come by 12x CDRWs.
It took me some time to get them as virtually all major stores - Circuit City, Staples, Best Buy only stocked 4x
Haven’t seen 24x