Is 1650 any good? is there a retail version of 1650?

is 1650 any good?
is there a retail 1650?
if yes from where can i get one?



At your favourite online shop / retailer.

You’re welcome.


Depends on where you are. Not in the US that I could find.

Where in the world are you? If it’s the US try Currently ~$41 shipped to your house.

You’re welcome. Sorry for the dupe, I don’t push buttons as fast as packetloss.

i am in us.
any place that sells retail 1650?
is 1650 better then 1655?
i don’t plan to use lightscribe though.

Why do you want a retail version? There’s no difference between the OEM and retail other than the cardboard box. If you already have a burner in your box you have everything you need to hook it up. Do you already have a reader or burner in your PC? If not, worst case, you may have to buy a 3 connector 80 conductor IDE cable which you wouldn’t get in the retail box anyway. The 1650 is a 1655 without the LightScribe hardware.

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There is no DW 1650 retail at for any price.

Hi Alan,

From your Signature line it seems that you are an expert in BenQ’s.
I have a BenQ DW1640 with BSOB … I burn Taiyo Yuden DVD-Rs either TYG02 or TYG03’s.

Question: It seems I can only get a dependable lowest PO errors when I burn at 4X? What good is it if I have a TYG03 rated at 16X and when I burn it at 8X … I still have PO errors … even thought the darn final burn rates at 98% or 99%?

Any input would help. By the wya, I use QSuite 2.1 version … I leave all my setting on Default … expect last few discs I tried to put Solid Burn on Learned Media also.


Well technically, you are right. But if you really want retail and you don’t mind paying for features you don’t want you [I]can[/I] buy the 1655; already posted as the same drive with extra Lightscribe.