Is 1640 an one-sheep or two-sheep drive?

i don’t know if i’ll have problems with this drive to make backup of protected DVD… is LiteOn 1693S one-sheep too?

CDRinfo doesn’t mention the sheep system but this should answer your questions.

Yes, don’t talk about sheep system and for that my question :wink: looks like one-sheep and LiteOn 1693S the same ( maybe the cdfreaks review of 1640 will mention the sheep system. Thanks for your fast answer.

Glad to help.

The Liteon 1693S is a two sheep, the BenQ 1640 is a one sheep :wink:

There’s actually a pretty quick-n-easy way devised by alexnoe (you know, the controversial PxScan/PxView author) to test copy protection abilities without going through the trouble of finding a protected game or whatnot.


Thanks C0deKing and code65536 for the info. If BenQ 1640 was two-sheep it was perfect… Finally i suppose that i’ll buy the 1640 but this is an important weak point of BenQ

has there been any 3 sheep drives?

I actually ran the alexnoe sd251 test earlier today and the 1640 failed, just as I suspected.

The newest Starforce and Safedisc protection schemes cannot be copied by any burner on the market, regardless of the burning program.

You should mainly care about how many sheep it is for older releases.