Is 123 DVD Copy better or worse than others


My name is Dave Saddler and I am new to the concept of DVD burning. My first experience with burning was using Iomega’s Hot Burn software that came with my Iomega Quick Touch DVD burner. But I had a problem either with the software or the burner and Iomega sent me a new, faster burner. The first one was an 8x and this one is a 12x. I am using:
eMachince T2042
2.0 GHz Celeron Processor
40 Gig Hard Drive
640 MB RAM

Eventually I would like to upgrade my computer, but that will be later.

The Hot Burn software does not recognize the DVD ROM in my eMachine, but I just use the Iomega Quick Touch to play the disc I want to copy from.

I had tried to copy a set of three non-encryted discs of a wedding. I had no luck with the first 8x Iomega and that’s why I got the replacement. Unfortunately, while waiting for the replacement, I had to return the origianl wedding discs, so I haven’t been able to test them with the new burner.

The crazy thing with the wedding discs was that someone else copied the originals for me. But when I tried to copy the 2nd generation copies, I could only copy Discs #1 and #3, but not Disc #2. Why? I have no idea and neither did any of the tech people at Iomega.

But today I used 123 DVD Copy to make a copy of an encrypted DVD. The first time I ever did this. I made a copy of Manhunter and I have to say the results were impressive. I chose to copy just the movie and none of the extras. If you sit close to the TV, you can see some of the pixellation on the copy, but it’s really not that bad.

Are all DVD copy software results the same, or are some better than others?

Thank you,
Dave Saddler


I’ve used both DVDXCopy and DVDXcopy express from 123. I’ve placed both those programs in the garbage.

Use free DVDSHRINK to decrypt any DVD and it let’s you chose what to copy and what not to copy and let’s you chose a compression ratio to make whatever you decide to copy fit on a 4.7GB dvd. Obviously, the more it’s compressed the lower the quality of the movie when you replay in a dvd player. If you want no compression (best quality) then most movies will need to be on 2 dvds or a dual layer (10GB) dvd.

Once you’ve ripped your project to a folder of your chosing, simply use whatever burning software that came with your dvd burner to burn the files to dvd. It’s really that simple. There are 2 folders created when you rip. A “VIDEO_TS” folder and an “AUDIO_TS” folder. Just select these to folders to burn to dvd.

It will take anywhere from 20minutes to 1.5 hours to rip depending on compression ratio. And only 10-20 minutes to burn at ~8X.

Have fun.



I’m a little confused here and I don’t mean to dispute any of your opinions. Now Dave asked for opinions on “123 DVD Copy.”

You responded with regards to: “DVDXCopy and DVDXcopy express from 123.” Neither of which matches Dave’s quote.

So what can I add? Well, I have two deals, the first copies DVDs to (S)VCDs and the second copies to DVDs, they are:

  1. “DVD Copy Plus” from the now defunct which also made “DVD X Copy” and, IIRC, “DVD X Copy Express”, and
  2. “123 Copy DVD” from

So what we have here is a failure to communicate (precisely). That is, there are two different companies here: “123…” and “321…” which is more confusing than Chevy and Ford.

Now I am no great expert in how any one of these things compares to the other but I have used “123 Copy DVD” and found it acceptable. However, I also use a combination of DVDDecrypter and Nero Recode and find that to be preferrable.

Who will not start a software company called “12321…”

Hmm, good point CowboySlim.
123, 321 I must be losing it.
If they merged would it be 444?
Anyway, I guess we’re not helping David822

Thanks bleedat, I will definitely look into DVD SHRINK and it give it shot. But what about Cowboy Slim’s suggestion to use DVD Decrypter and Nero Recode? I presume Nero Recode has to be purchased, but what about DVD Decrypter? One more question please: do all DVD players accept dual layer DVDs? Or, is it just a matter of flipping the DVD once one side has played?


I know it’s not 123 DVD copy, but have you thought about trying clonedvd & anydvd, it works good for me. :bigsmile:

You can use the fullyworking trial of both for 21 days & you can get them from here

clonedvd is simple to use and easer than dvd shrink for some things faster too, dvd shrink dose some things clone dvd dose not do takes longer to compress a file though.

I’ll never understand why people revive threads like this. Look at the date of the last post bro.