Is 1213S@TSD1 DL pure LiteOn or something else

I have at work 1213S DL drive with TSD1 fw. But I can not find any information on LiteOn site about this drive. There is no information about this firmware and as I understand 1213S doesn’t support DL. This one does, according to Nero Info Tool. When I try to upgrade to new fw, I got message box that the fw is only for 1213S. Does anyone know what drive really I have?

it’s a 1213s with custom oem firmware…

make a backup of the firmware with this tool:

you can flash the drive with newest 1653s firmware:

Which one should I chose:


and do I need to do something before running one of these exe files.

ups, there’s a newer version:

take: 1653S.CS0M.patched-cf-ledfix.exe

just run the exe.