Is 109 better than 110?

This is my first post here , I’ve been looking for a forum like this great one to post my problem.
First I had an Asus 1608P drive which is a Pioneer 109 OEM , It served me very well for 6 months , then suddenly it started to screw up with CDs , I didn’t try DVDs coz they are expensive here in Egypt (Yep I am Egyptian).
When I burn CDs on my home PC after reaching 100% it gives me “Could not perform Fixation” and the CD is unusable , in my work PC it burns successfully but CD shows as blank and it becomes unusable too .
I sent it back and got my self a new shiny Asus 1608P2 Black drive which is Pioneer 110D OEM drive.
Here is my problem :
Here in Egypt we have only 3 brands of media DVD+R , Benq 8X “Daxon AZ2” , LG 8X “INFODISCR20” and Samsung 8X “OPTODISC” , prices here are insane the disc costs 1 U$ in Egyptian pounds , and there are no high quality Media like TY , also there was another LG 8X “CMC MAG E01” that is no longer available
Here is how my old 109 handled them :
DAXON AZ2 8X@8X Quality : Very Good
INFODISCR20 8X@8X Quality :Very Good
OPTODISC 8X@8X Quality : Medium
CMC MAG E01 8X@12X Quality : Good
CMC MAG E01 8X@8X Quality : Very Good
Now the new 110 “with original 1.17 , newer 1.37 , Pioneer 110"not D” or Buffalo 8.37" :
DAXON AZ2 8X@6X!! Quality : Very Good
INFODISCR20 8X@4X!!! Didn’t bother writing at this horrible speed
OPTODISC : Don’t have them anymore
CMC MAG E01 8X@6X!! Quality : Very Good
What is wrong with 110 ?
Does it only support good speeds on 2 or 3 media types ?
As you can see my old 109 wrote CMC 8X @12X while the new 110 only wrothe them @6X speed
What am I supposed to do ?

Thank you very much in advance

Buy TYG02 Disks

He said there are no TY in his country (Egypt). Maybe try MediaCodeSpeedEdit and swap write strategy for the disc.

Update the firmware and update the used software.

BTW, which software have you used for burning, which version?

he’s already stated that he’s tried 1.17, 1.37, 8.37.

minaelromany, how are you judging quality? If for whatever reason the media is only supported at 4x, it should still burn with very good quality. The 110 is an excellent burner. If burn speed is your only complaint, then I think you should just live with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, my fault. Just overread that. :o

FW/drives/media are all dependant on each other! The next FW may fix that! Also consider crossflashing to an A10!
BTW! I have had excellent results with CMC +R as of late!