Irritations of a LiteOn 5115

I have just bought a 5115 in England. It plays and records well but there are a few things I don’t like about it, perhaps someone can tell me how to go about correcting them :-

  1. MP3/WMA/JPG files play OK but the folder structure isn’t displayed so that one cannot browse down the list and select a track/photograph to listen to or watch.

  2. I cannot record from my Freeview box. I wired it as per the diagram for a ‘Canal +’ decoder, whatever that is but no joy.

  3. Would a firmware upgrade fix any of these issues or are there are keying type fixes like the region-free one that will help?

Thank you.

Welcome to the CD Freaks forum :wink:

Unfortunately, some of the Lite-On series such as the LVW-110x series don’t have any folder / track listing, but instead operate like a Hi-Fi where navigation is done in sequence. Assuming the controls on your DVD recoder work like the LVW-1105HC+, the “Menu” and “Top Menu” buttons navigate between folders, while the Next and Previous track buttons navigate between MP3 files in the current folder. If you are interested in displaying the song & folder title on screen for the current playing track, press the ‘Navi’ button, select ‘Information’ and set this to ‘On’.

I’m quite surprised the Freeview fox is giving issues as you should be able to connect this up as with any other external receiver, such as a satellite receiver, VCR, etc. If your Freeview box has two outputs (TV & VCR), connect the VCR Scart output directly to the Aux (top Scart socket) of your DVD recorder. Connect the TV-out (bottom Scart socket) to your TV. When setting up or preparing to record from your Freview box, press the Source button on your DVD recorder remote to select its Scart input. If your Freeview box has only one output (TV), connect this to your DVD recorder’s aux (top Scart socket) and follow the steps for the Canal+ decoder supplement.

As far as I’m aware of, Lite-On has not released any firmware update that displays the folder listing on the Lite-On LVW-110x series, so I don’t think there would be any such firmware update for your model. However, it will be worth trying a new firmware update in case. :wink:

SeAin (sorry I can’t get the correct A in your name)

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, the Navi button does display details of the MP3 and JPG so that irritation is solved, albeit, only partially.

I have an old single-scart lead Panasonic Freeview box and didn’t think to select scart as the source. I was under the impression I would key in a channel number, e.g. 82 for Sky News. As it stood I could only select 1-5 representing the 5 terrestrial channels. Does that mean I can only record the Freeview station that I’m watching?

Incidentally, I’ve had tremendous difficulty logging in to make this reply. I kept getting ‘exceeded the number of attempts’ and ‘invalid user’ so I guess it must be the site that is misbehaving not my fingers.