Irritating bug or

well this page
takes over my browser IE6 as soon as i have loaded up your pages including the home page which is irritating if its a feature, if not then its a bug. My cdfreaks page turns into this page and other porn sites pop up. This is also the case at WWW.CDRINFO.COM but it is not as bad as their page where thieir page doesnt even load up it straight goes to the above mentioned web page. I would not mind a seperate page where a pop up appears but both of your web sites hijack the same page whre your sites are loaded.

Now wanted to give full info. I had installed a proggy POP up COP and even after uninstalling it its the sameā€¦

Also does anyone here know why i cant see the advanced tab under IE6>internet options:confused:

have you tried using Adaware 6 or Spybot search and destroy to remove any spyware and adware that may be causing problems?

Also are your virus definitions up to date and performed recent scans?