Irrational disc speed limitations?

Disclaimer: I know that higher writing speed causes quality drop. I am just wondering. The list also contains reading speed limitations.


I noticed some speed limitations in newer drives that older drives do not have.
Please, correct me if I make a mistake somewhere.

I must say, that these speed limitations honestly do not really bother me much, but I am just knowledge-hungry and technology passionate, so that I notice things that others care less about.

Laptop drives usually do not have these speed limitations, except they write CD-RW UltraSpeed at ×16 Z-CLV and DVD+RW at ×8 Z-CLV while reading slower. But CAV is the best method for reading anyway, except for dealing with scratches. HL-DT-ST laptop/desktop drives have an exclusive ×2 CLV reading mode for that purpose. TSST reads ×4 CAV for damage.

  • Many DVD/BD burners write faster than they read. ×18/20/22/24 write, but ×16 read for DVD. ×16 write but ×12 read for BD. Explaination?

  • Old WriteMaster drives wrote CD-R at ×48 PCAV but read at ×40 CAV? (SH-S182, SH-S203)

  • LG BU40: M-Disc:

  • 1 or 3 layers: x4 CLV.

  • 2 layers: x6 P-CAV. (like Sony Xperia Z: Burst show at lowest speed 1/3 has a lower resolution (1280×720p stills) than 2/3 (9.6MP 4128×2322) or 3/3 (1920×1080p stills))

  • CD-RW: x40 read.

  • A GDR8162B from 2003 reads CD-RW at full x48 speed, if it accidentally detects the CD-RW as CD-ROM due to increased laser potentiometer.

  • DAE speed: x40.

  • Lower DAE means higher quality, but the GDR-H20N from 2006 reads DAE at x52 CD-R, x40 CD-RW. But with increased potentiometer laser trimmer: ×52 CD-RW DAE.

  • A byte-to-byte comparison with a ×12 speed DAE: 100% match. But probably, ×52 DAE would cause less data integrity on damaged discs.

  • New BD drives such as BE16NU50 write BD-R (even DL) at x16 but:

  • Reads only x12. Maybe to avoid cracked discs? Not sure.

  • DVD SL read/write at x16, DL read at ×12.

  • DVD-RAM read/write at x5.

  • CD-RW only x24 Z-CLV. (However, my package box of BE14NU40 had the CD-RW UltraSpeed PLUS icon for some reason. @PhilWasHere: Please check your BE16NU50 package for that icon.).

  • CD-RW reading (even without DAE) at x40.

  • DAE x40. (doesn’t bother me, quality is more important).

  • x8 P-CAV writing on DVD DL. SH-S203 from 2006 achieved ×12 on DVD-R DL and ×16 on DVD+R DL.

  • DVD-ROM DL reading at x12. Even the Pioneer DVR-107/A07/R07 from 2004 (excellent at it’s time, despite missing DL writing capabilities) achieved this reading speed. Also drives from other manufacturers have never achieved DVD-ROM DL reading speed at x16.

  • Other drives from the same manufacturer LG reach 32x CD-RW and 24x DVD-R and 16x DVD-R DL burning speed.

  • Pioneer drives are limited to x40 on CD-R. This does not bother me, but I am curious about the cause. Pioneer manufactured even ×22 DVD drives.

  • SH-224: Writes DVD at x24, but DVD∓R DL discs only at x8, DVD-RAM x5 and CD-RW x24 Z-CLV

  • Older drives such as SH-S203/TS-H653 reached up to x16 on DL discs.

  • SH-S182 reached x24 CAV and x32 Z-CLV on CD-RW.

  • SH-S182 reached x12 on DVD-RAM.

  • Recnet LG drives read DVD±RW at x12 or x13 (is x13 even a standard speed?).

  • They could at least read ×13 PCAV.

  • WriteMaster drives such as SH-S182 and SH-S203 read data CD-R’s at ×40 but write at ×48 P·CAV.

  • Pioneer DVR-107 vs GDR8162B: The Pioneer reads DVDs and CDs, CD-R’s (×32 vs ×48) and CD-RWs slower than the GDR8162B, despite the Pioneer has a much stronger laser, which is required for disc writing.

  • BE14NU40 brakes DVD down to ×12 when containing DVD-Video (a blank VIDEO_TS folder is enough?) Deliberate reading speed limitations for all DVDs with Video? while other drives such as GH24 still support ×16.

  • Minimum speed of DVDs is ×4 CAV on several drives.

  • 8cm discs sometimes get limited to ridiculously low reading speeds such as ×12 CAV for CDs despite their smaller diameter makes them actually more robust for high rotation speeds.

  • I probably forgot something. Will be added by edit.

  • You may find another limitation. Do not hesitate mentioning it then.

These limitations could be bypassed:

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