IRQ problems with networkcard and sblive?

You should have a setup program with your network card that allows you to configure it.

Hello there!

I’ve got a problem with the IRQ of my D-link 10mb networkcard and my soundblaster live player. When I install my networkcard together with my sblive I get an error that says “sb 16 emulation not loading”.And it really slows down my pc. This is due to my nwkcard and my sblive using the same IRQ. Is there any way i can manually change the IRQ? If yes, how do i know whitch IRQ i have to take?
Additional info about my pc:
Intel P III 667
256 mb sdram
creative geforce DDR
Epox 6vba2 motherboard

PS:I ve now installed a DLINK 10/100 mb networkcard and removed my 10mb nwkcard and this one doesnt give any problems but it only has an utp connection.

You can see which irq’s are free here:
control panel --> system --> properties of computer.

A lot of older cards give this problem because they aren’t plug and play. Black Diamond is right you should have a dos program with your card that lets you change the default irq settings it puts itself on.

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I checked my IRQ 's. They are numbered from o to 15 but there is several hardware that uses the same IRQ, they just have another pictogram in front of it.
But i dont get any conflicts or error messages