Ironman to ipod (Apple iPod Nano (third generation, 8GB, black))



[qanda]This thread is about the Apple iPod Nano (third generation, 8GB, black). Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I often put our owned DVDs onto my kids ipods. For the last two days I have been trying to change ironman into an mp4, 12 hours later it still isn’t complete. Is there something on the ironman dvd proventing this, or is it just me (please say dvd! LOL) or do I need an upgrade? I have the DVDFAB 5 Premium


what version


I don’t do the mobil stuff myself but I see my good friend Paul is on so maybe he will jump in and help you


DVD 5 Platinum
It is asking me a question in the second step that I haven’t been asked before, maybe that is my problem. It is asking me to pick Generic or ipod, and of course I pick ipod, and then 12 hours later nothing.
Normally I would just choose “dvd to mobile” then I click on the ipod, then I unclick the subpicture (that I now know means subtitles! see I learn things) and then hit next, then I come back and I have an mp4. But not today



Please try the new beta, We have fixed a bug which will casue Ironman always cannot finish converting in recently beta.



Hi woof and Jimbo!
Please update to the new beta release (, I think you may have missed a fix in there somewhere. I have never seen it ask that question either, but the update will correct any missing or corrupt files. Give that a try and post the results.


Hi dog,

First off, rip this flick to your hdd in a dvd to dvd mode…use a mode other than clone…it’s essential that you alter the position of the layer break. There’a problem with the file structure on this one.
Custom mode with the main title selected or main movie mode should work just fine.

Now use the ripped files as your “Source” in DVD to Mobile to do your conversion.
I’d use either ipod mpeg-4 or ipod h264 profile.

Take a look at the left column where your mobile profiles are listed.
I think you’ll find that generic is listed at the top. I suspect this is why you’re getting both generic and ipod populated when you attempt to convert .

Toggle Ipod to the top of the list and I think you’ll be all set.

Hope this helps.



[QUOTE=signals;2177706]Hi woof and Jimbo!
Woof, woof!


well I updated my version of fab 5 and still nothing, the whole thing freezes up after it gets to about 73%. Now I will try to figure out what maineman mentioned (not sure my brain can take it this week, but I will give it a go) I am more of a point and click kind of girl, don’t like to think too much about it! LOL sad I know, but such is life!


now why is it saying (besides the little monkey head when I open the program) DVD FAB Platinum (option: Mobile) I can se it saying that when I am doing dvd to mobile, but I was trying to do that other suggestion DVD to DVD even though I am lost with the “…it’s essential that you alter the position of the layer break” part, I have never altered before!


Hi again woof,

Not to worry about the layer break.
As long as you rip the movie in main movie or customize mode, the layer break location will be moved regardless…you don’t have to do a thing.
Just don’t use clone mode as this will preserve the layer break position.

Like I said, IronMan has a peculiar disc structure and many users have experienced this “freeze” at exactly 73.87% when attempting to convert.
If you’re interested in details, just type in IronMan in [I] Search this Forum [/I]just above the sticky threads up on the right. You’ll find 2 or 3 threads anyway. You can read how my good friend signals guessed it might be related to the layer break.

He doubted himself, but I know better…he’s never wrong. Promise not to tell him, they’ll be no living with him…:stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Rip the movie from disc to hdd, Title 1, in [B]Customize mode [/B](Main movie is ok too).

  2. Now open DVD to Moblie and use the hdd files you just ripped as [B]Source[/B] and convert the files in mpeg-4 or h264.

You should be all set…:wink:
Here are a couple of screenshots:


Ah pictures perfect, that is what I needed. I actually downloaded the RIGHT beta, I guess when he said download the new, he didn’t mean the one! (so many 2’s and 1’s, so easily distracted!LOL) and it worked like a charm!
Thank you so much maineman for taking the time to help me out, with pictures and everything. I am going to re read over your post, incase it will help with my next problem! (when it comes) It looks very simple when you dumb it down for me!


Glad to hear you got it working.
"…pictures perfect…" Good one woof.



Sorry for not giving you the detail information about this problem. :o

thanks for maineman help and perfect picture … :flower:


maineman knows his stuff, Ting. :wink:


Alan, Ting, thank you for the very kind words…the accuracy is debatable, however…:rolleyes:

I just tried another IronMan conversion from an .ISO clone with the latest Beta.
Gosh and Begora, it worked without the freeze at 73.87%.
I guess I didn’t connect the dots on the most recent release notes.

Nicely done…:clap:
You guys are the best.