Iron Man - Blu Ray Problems

Has anyone successfully backed up Iron Man BluRay using When I do, it only backs up the French and Spanish audio but not English. It defaults to the French. I had the same issue with Doubt. Cars, Ice Age (both Blu Ray) worked fine.

yep iron man backs up perfectly.

You can confirm you used I did not have problems like this with previous versions.

Regardless, anyone have suggestions as to what might be happening here and/or how to correct? The English is literally non-existent and if I select only English in a Movie Only copy it gives me the same issue. Could my country code or something have gone awry? Regular DVDs seem to work just fine.

I’ve had audio issues with these Blu-Rays:

The Orphanage - no audio at all
Dexter Season 1 Disc 1 - Spanish only
Splinter - Commentary audio only
The Counterfeiters - Commentary audio only

Dexter showed it was only copying the english track, when it copied only the spanish track.

There are still a lot of issues with copying Blu-Ray. But I have been able to copy around 15 successfully.

I just copied Iron Man Blu-Ray and it defaulted to the French audio. WinDVD shows another audio option but will not switch to it.

driggle - thanks!

I though was losing my mind!

DVDFab team – these are significant bugs. What process should I use to log them officially?

I opened a support case with DVDFab

Well, as much as I didn’t want to hear it, it appears that DVDFab is simply not ready for prime time when it comes to Blu Ray. It’s completely hit-or-miss right up throuh (ya, I meant to do that).

** From DVDFab support team**

I am sorry to say that we are working on the full version of DVDfab6, and we will support in the near future. Please understand the technology development will take some time.

Any questions in future, please feel free to contact us.

Sunny Fan
DVDFab Support Team