Iron Man Blu-Ray .iso Image

It seems that for whatever reason playing back an .iso image of Iron Man on PowerDVD 9 does not work. I’ve watched Wall-E and others with no issues, but for some reason, it loads the disc and just plays a black screen. I’ve read of similar issues that say it occurs in discs which load the TrueHD track by default. I can’t seem to find a solution to resolve the issue however. Anyone have any ideas? Im kinda at a loss here.

Is it ripped from original disc or did you remux it? The problem with TrueHD you mentioned might be due to tsremux issue, but if your ISO was from original disc ripped by AnyDVD that should be fine.

It turns out it is a somewhat documented issue. After some digging i was able to come up with a thread suggesting to downgrade back to PowerDVD 8. Once I did this, there was no more issue. I was actually playing the disc from the original and the .iso image with the result being the same. Oh well, another case of newer software having some bugs in it…