Iron Man and Doubt BD - No Audio

Strange issue, but when I backup Iron Man and Doubt BDs, the video plays back fine but there is no audio. Any ideas? Using and have been selecting Copy Main Movie only.

Have now determined that if I let Iron Man BD play long enough that the default is French and the only other option is Spanish. Any ideas?

Did a full copy of Iron Man BD (versus just Main Movie) and had the same problem. The only two language tracks available are French (1) and Spanish (2). What is really interesting is that the preview window plays both the video and sound just fine (English) but the recording gets confused. Help???

DVD Fab:

I’ve had this issue too a couple of times on my Win2K computer (audio OK in the preview window, but no audio in the extracted backup files.) Both times the source DVD was a “musical.”

As a test, I installed (temporarily) FAB5 on a friends WinXP computer, made a new backup, and the audio worked fine in the backup hard drive files and a DVD-R burned from those files.

I took the “no audio” hard drive files from the Win2K computer, and they played fine on the WinXP box.

I burned a DVD on the Win2K computer from the “no audio” hard drive files, and it played fine on the WinXP computer and a standard Sony DVD player, but not on the Win2K computer.

I don’t know what the variable is that’s the culprit – if I learn anything more, I’ll post again in this thread.


it is probably your player, if you are using Power DVD. I had the same problem and found out that Cyberlink does not play DTS audio from a DISK image. Even though it will play it from the DVD ROM. Basically it skips to the next available audio track that you have in your backup. Switch to Arcsoft Total Media. Their player works and has a better interface for media that has been backed up on the hard drive.

It certainly could be the player (I’m using KMPlayer) on the Win2K machine. But KMPlayer plays it fine on the WinXP machine. It might be a hardware conflict in my Win2K machine – it has an upgraded sound card, but the original sound card built into the motherboard is still lurking in there somewhere. Maybe that’s the monkey wrench in the works.