IRMA anti-piracy program targets Asia

I just posted the article IRMA anti-piracy program targets Asia.

We always hear that Asia must be heaven if you are into software,videos and consoles. On every streetcorner you can buy them for a lot less then in Europe and the US. But of course because it’s…

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yes, money allways is a problem :r

“Asia must be heaving if you are into software,videos and consoles.” Oh come on… I was trying to figure out for two minutes why Asia would be puking its guts out before I suddenly understood it should be HEAVEN :4, not HEAVING :r! Normally I don’t complain but grammer mistakes have been getting worse… I vote for a ‘spellcheck’ phase before people are allowed to post. :frowning:

Oops, but fixed now :wink: People make mistakes