iRiver X20

Has anyone developed a reliable DVD to Mobile profile for the iRiver X20; and willing to share it?

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You just never know your luck: Maybe it’ll be featured in the new DVDFab Platinum due for release next Thursday.
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Thanks Badger Nadgers, I can get most of it right but it seems to need an unusually slow frame rate. Look forward to next Thursday then.

I really have no idea what I’m doing but got the following to work. File size is a bit big. Advice of any errors or improvements welcome. (Sorry about the double post)

<profile name=“iRiver X20” version=“200” device=“pvp” tag=“dvdfab” description=“The profile is used to create avi(mpeg4 + mp3 audio) file, which can be played on iRiver X20.” >
<file format=“avi” onefile_size_mb=“700” number=“1” />
<avi odml=“0” />
<audio copy=“0” codec=“mp3” channel=“2” >
<freq value=“48000” list=“48000” />
<bitrate value=“128000” list=“64000,96000,128000,192000” />
<volume percent=“100” />
<deinterlace mode=“0” />
<size value=“320x240” list=“320x180,320x240,362x272” limited=“1” />
<outfps mode=“3” value=“2” />
<subtitle mode=“0” />
<encode codec=“xvid” fourcc=“XVID” bitrate_kbps=“400” minbitrate_kbps=“300” maxbitrate_kbps=“512” >
<mode value=“real_time” list=“real_time, high_quality” />
<acodec name=“lame”/>
<vcodec name=“xvid” />

Point me to the video specs for the X20; I could not find it on their website, must be a secret. The way the profile is written I think it will attempt to output 2 frames per second.

I found some specs. It looks like the Zune WMV profile might also work with this. I have slightly modified the profile the the Boss posted. The differences are

  1. It will default to “same as source” for the frame rate, but with a list of other rates available and
  2. You can install it as a device so that it has its own button just like the iPod.
    The profile makes nice video but I don’t have an X20 to test it on, so you’re on your own as far as testing goes. Hope it works.

The file is attached below as a txt file. Save it to the profiles folder and change the file suffix to .xml. Then open DVDFab Common Settings and select Customize UI, select DVD to Mobile and click the “New” button. A box will appear with a drop down selector. Click on that and highlight iRiverX20, add tip text if you like, select an icon from the list and click OK. The X20 should appear in the left hand window, showing that it is available. Just highlight it and click the >> button to move it to the right hand, active device list and click OK. When DVDFab restarts, it will appear in the DVD to Mobile navigatioin pane.

iRiverX20.avi.mpeg4.mp3.iRiverX20.txt (848 Bytes)

The book is really sparce on detail, this is all you get…

The player only seems to like the XVID codec. Thankyou for your help.

PS How good is DVDFab, the open xml structure of DVD to Mobile profiles even lets a novice, with very little info on the player, get success (with a bit of help).

Boss, I looked at 3 websites that Google served up and they were all a little different. The book there says [B]less than [/B]30 fps, all the others said just [B]30[/B], but you should be OK if you are converting PAL DVDs leaving the drop down at “same as source”. The other sites also said something about using a supplied file converter to load the content, but nothing about which way the conversion went so who knows. Hope it works for you. DVDFab wrote the book on user friendly and tweakable. I’m assuming you must have found the Readme xml in the Profiles folder. Some really good tips in there. Don’t be a stranger

Thanks heaps Sigs. That profile has been tried and prioven on five DVDs now and it works fine (same fps as source). The profile should also work with the X10 and others in the iRiver family.

Yeh, sure you do get a convertor. Neither friendly nor usefiull. And you have to shell out more money to get rid of the big water mark in the middle of the screen! DVDFab for me thanks.

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Glad this all worked for you. DVDFab is hard to beat.:iagree: