iRiver releases a compact & light 1.5GB Microdrive MP3 player

I just posted the article iRiver releases a compact & light 1.5GB Microdrive MP3 player.

 ChenKwanTai and Cameron used our    news submit  to tell us about iRiver's new 1.5GB Microdrive MP3 player - the iGP-100.  This player combines the compact size  and light weight of a...
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How much???:stuck_out_tongue:

230 (dollars) at bestbuy (in the US at least). It has been on sale for a few months. Sorry I forgot about the dollar sign bug.
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sweet! so far i have not seen an mp3 player that i like… but this one is really nice!

Build in battery? Then it will probably suffer the same iPod problem of being unable to replace the battery after a year and a half… :frowning: Otherwise it looks VERY nice… however the Creative Nomad with it’s 60 Gig harddisk still looks a whole lot better :slight_smile: