iRiver launches a new series of MP3 players - iFP-500

I just posted the article iRiver launches a new series of MP3 players - iFP-500.

  Cameron used our    news submit  to tell  us about iRiver's new series of MP3 players.  Cameron wrote:  "iRiver is wellknown for their superb  MP3players, like the iFP-100...
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Line in MP3 recording with automatic track detection? It sounds like the MP3 player manufacturers are trying to stay 1 step ahead of the record companies. If you can’t rip and encode MP3s (from copy protected CDs) just record them directly. Not a perfect solution, but far better than nothing. I assume you can then upload your recorded MP3s to your PC for taging and archiving.:slight_smile:
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It’s not clear if MP3’s can be transferred from the player back to the PC going by the website, but seeing that you can also record from the microphone, I would assume that it must be allowed. :X For example, if someone wish to make a live recording of a music play, it would be handy to take the recording off for archival.
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Actually there is no problem to transfer the recorded file (line-in, radio or mic) from the MP3player back to the PC. The recorded format is in MP3 format but the file ending is .rec (and the just simple edit the .rec to .mp3). This is beacuse there is a limitation from transfering .mp3 files from the MP3player back to the PC, using the iRiver Music Manager. But with a simple Firmware upgrade, you’ll get the player to show as an UMS device straight under Windows Explorer. Then there is no problem to transfer .mp3 files back and forth. The new iFP-500 series comes in three different flashmemory sizes :slight_smile: iFP-590 = 256MB iFP-595 = 512MB iFP-599 = 1GB
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iRiver is THE MP3 player company to me. I love my SlimX 350. And this seems to be another great product by them. Great going guys!!