iRiver-2 (iMP-250) MP3 CD player review @ HWZ

I just posted the article iRiver-2 (iMP-250) MP3 CD player review @ HWZ. has a review on the iRiver-2 (iMP-250) MP3 CD player. This portable device is besides a MP3 CD player also a portable radio, thanks to it’s build in FM tuner. The display has a…

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seems a nice player to me. Does someone know where I can get it in europe ?

Over 300 bucks for something made out of cheap plastic is ridiculous. If you drop the thing it is all done. I’m waiting for the new Sony line of MP3 CD players, which are the high end replacement to their sports line of CD players. Plastic = Crap for something that is “portable”

Actually you might want to check out the iMP-350 instead, this is the newest release from iriver ( and it has all the features of iMP-250 + a much l33ter design and size. I bought a iMP-350 from (european) and I haven’t regretted it one minute :slight_smile: I’ve had it for like 5 weeks, and there’s been four software upgrades already! This is the flagship of iriver, so it will be supported for a long time to come. The only thing I can complain about is the crappy headphones… but that’s the same for any player. My faithful Porta Pro works just great. Feel free to contact me if you want any more info, I’m happy to help…