Iritating firewall problem

I have installed norton firewall 2003 and constantly get popups reading " a remote system is trying to access your computer" , I must have maually blocked this for the thousandth time - does any one know how to stop this message and to make any action needed automatic. :frowning:

:Z Norton :Z — gimme me a break please

there should be a tab somewhere about programs that are allowed access to your in-out traffic. if they dont have rules set up, this may be the cause.

guessing, as im too snobby/poor for a firewall.

the internet always uses connections towards and from your pc. Most of the connections warnings you get would be harmless.

If i am correct there is an option to let the firewall work “silently”, which means it doesn’t show warnings but still does it’s job

guessing, as im too snobby/poor for a firewall.

zone alarm has a free edition. :slight_smile: