Irish Recorded Music Assocation welcomes High Court decision

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        The Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA), which is the  Irish equivalent of the RIAA has welcomed the decision made by the High Court  in Dublin, to force ISPs to reveal the...
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Pity that Ireland is soo expensive for almost everything except clothes… Clobber is much cheaper there than say Germany. Still, Ireland is one of the best countries on the planet to visit. Oh yes, F**k the IRMA:r

IRMA has always been a piece of shit outfit! Now their proving it to everybody

From the land of Daniel O’Donnell, Dominic Kirwan and Joe Dolan and they expect people to buy that shit? Not me. Anyway, if they’re like any other Irish businessman, slip them a few € as a backhander and they’ll turn a blind eye. And they call filesharers criminals.
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