Irish ISPs to block P2P sites

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Several Internet service providers (ISPs) in Ireland, including the country’s largest ISP, will begin to block user access to peer-to-peer file sharing web sites, after an official request from the…

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If thats the way the ISP’s want it I’m going to cancel my broadband subscription and I suspect millions will do like-wise on point of principal. I dont download illegal media but I’m dammed if I will allow American Media to dictate to me how I may or may-not conduct myself online. ISP’s ask yourselves…will the Media companies reimburse me for loss of income from my lost customers? ANSWER…No!!!

how dare you whiskers, dont you know that if media companies located in countries you dont even live in cant cut off your internet because there cd did not sell that a giant fireball luanched by a magical dragon will cause massive financail ruin?:bigsmile: