IRC Chat?

I don’t know anything about that stuff so who wants to help explain it to me?

Have you seen the little IRC section in the Living Room FAQ? :slight_smile:

I “use” to go to the IRC chat room…but no one in there talks…so i quit going…

yeah it’s lame every time i’ve gone there.

it use to be a fast moving chat place…but somewhere along the line it just rolled over and died…

Hi :slight_smile:
That’s why I go there…
To talk to myself… :stuck_out_tongue:

When southerncutie get’s it figured out then maybe we can join here :bigsmile:

:bigsmile: :iagree:

Well, if noone goes there, I don’t wanna go there to just be alone, haha but thanks guys and gals :slight_smile:

if you do decide to go…watch out for Ruff and EDWIN…they are two really big perverts…bigger than big mike and geno ever dared to be :wink:

Haha, thanks for the heads up. I am thinking I should be scared to go now.

no need to be scared…just informed :wink: I feel like i have to look out for my southern friends

Yay, I am glad for it, thanks again

Haha, I just got in there and first people I see? Edwin and Ruff

yeah look out for the bots

Ha, well, now I know.

oh yeah and slayerslink and insanehat are 2 cool aussies …

I was there too this weekend…
Used to be a regular…I even remember helping setup the channel…actually, I owned the channel once :wink:

The place was active back in the days S_S visited it regularly…

I only went there to get a chance to chat with you from time to time…

:bigsmile: :-X :doh: