IRA stealing Video and Computer games

I just posted the article IRA stealing Video and Computer games….

Source: ELSPA Crime Unit.

Video and computer games stolen: another action of the IRA to increase their fundings…

On 13th December, Police officers examining a haul of counterfeit video and…

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It must be made clear that this is not the IRA but the ‘REAL IRA’. The IRA is now part of a peaceful power sharing executive in Stormont.

Hey this is bad, but the reason it is bad is not because of the piracy, its because of who’s doing it. Pirating for enormous profits is wrong. Piracy is about sharing software at low costs, not huge profits, and defeating big boys eg Microshit.

Oh, great ! So, most people here do this because they like to help people ??

Come on…

I’m sorry, I totally dont agree with doing warez or any piracy for the sake of graining a huge profit.
I let people leech off of my ftp without trying to make cash off of them.
Warez is meant to be about sharing the software. Not raking in a profit at the expense of other people’s hard work.

Companies work hard to make the software and you trying to make a profit from their work when you do sweet f*ck all is wrong.

Work for what you want and make what you deserve. Dont live off of other people.

I could be wrong but I thought Sinn Fein was part of the Stormont peace process were as the IRA are a bunch of muderous thugs playing at being army men??

Sinn Fein is the political representitive of the IRA. After years of bombing a cease fire was called and a power sharing executive set up between Loyalists (Brits) & Republicans (Irish). The 'Real IRA however are a small offshoot of the IRA who do not want peace.


Forget not agreeing with piracy when huge profits are involved, what about not agreeing with piracy to fund a cowardly and violent terrorist organisation like the Real IRA…

Let the ‘Real IRA’ bring thier punk ass down to Kentucky. I just got a new gun today and i’d love to have some target practice!

These stupid fucks killed one of my good friends a few years ago

well remember america is part of the problem. some stupid americans put money towards the Irish Freedom Fighters in the late 70s. It ran to several million £££. All stright to terrorists.

Anyway the guns aint the answer. After the IRA’s seige of the post office in Belfast about 50yrs ago the Brits hung all the culprits. Hundreds more joined the IRA. Violence does not solve violence. No eye for eye etc. No guns, that self defence thing makes does not work, look at the UK, no guns, no probs (on the mainland). A lesson against capital punishement also MR BUSH!

Real IRA and Kentucky man.

To the eejit who wanted the Real IRA to go down to Kentucky to visit him i suggest you watch your mouth or something could be arranged.

Mr. Cathal if you think you can have anything arranged drop me a line @ my email for my name an address America is free for a reason, and it aint because of our sorry ass government! Im a Hillbilly with a Irish bloodline and I fucking despise you and the coward IRA. What kinda piece of shit plants bombs (and worse)to kill children, i’ll tell you a IRA coward mother fucker. My friend was 12 and was raped before she was shot in the head by one of you small dick little pricks. Bring your ass on over here Cathal, I’ll really enjoy pissing on your corpse

mafia in italy
ira in Great Britain
all the same:
mass crime organisations

Big difference:
Org’s like the Mafia are in it for power and money. IRA are in it to ‘free the Irish people from colonial rule’ ,well thats their excuse for rape and muder.

What kinda piece of shit plants bombs (and worse)to kill children

What kinda moron belives that propaganda bullshite. ?

My friend was 12 and was raped before she was shot in the head by one of you small dick little pricks.

LOL, i’m sure.

Gods Country

Despite blanket military reinforcement of the area, widespread arrests, the introduction of successive ‘elite’ military units such as the SAS, Royal Marines and Paratroopers, South Armagh’s First Battallion IRA continued its remarkable attrition of British soldiers. It was the only battallion of the IRA to have units on constant active service. When the going got tough for the IRA elsewhere, Crossmaglen could always be counted on to turn in a ‘spectacular’. It devised singular expertise in remote control explosions; use of heavy weaponry, including the M60 armour piercing machine gun; mortar attacks, and long-range sniper ambushes. Most of all, it became expert at planning and waiting for the right moment to strike. Despite the determination of the British army to isolate the area through its saturation presence and intelligence operations, soon the local IRA spread its wings.
On 27 August 1979, a South Armagh IRA active service unit carried out an ambush at narrow water in County Down, between Newry and Warrenpoint. First hit was a truckload of soldiers in a military convoy. The survivors took cover at a predicted spot, and a second bomb was detonated just as a military rescue helicopter touched down. In all 18 soldiers including their commanding officer, Lt-Colonel David Blair, lost their lives in that ambush. It was the army’s biggest single death toll since the assault on Arnhem during the second world war.

The Army threw all it could into the war around Crossmaglen during the 1980’s. It built up its garrisons, both in manpower and infrastructure, created its peripheral installations, invested heavily in electronic survellance equipment, and adopted erratic procedures to foil ambushes. It built up and it dug in. Yet the increased military presence only multiplied the number of targets for IRA snipers and ambush parties. When the army tried to turn the tables, its covert ambush parties came under fire. There was nowhere to hide, even inside the huge fortifications. The attrition rate continued to spiral ever upwards.

For several years, it seemed that all the dead soldiers being dispatched back to England were coming from South Armagh. The death toll elsewhere was mainly local - police, UDR, prison officers, paramilitary activists. The conflict could be portrayed throughout the world as a squalid and bloody dispute between rival communities in Northern Ireland in which the British security forces were playing a peace keeping role, although some twisting of the truth occured to give it this image. Not so in South Armagh, where no amount of spin-doctoring could disguise the nature of the army’s clash with the local IRA volunteers. In a sense, this was a contest the army could never win, even if it managed to crush the local IRA in humiliating defeat. For in a few short years, Crossmaglen had been transformed from a quiet backwater to a treacherous sinkhole by the arrival of that military force. The Local population aided the IRA - if only by their stubborn lack of cooperation with the military authorities - against an army of occupation that was only there to maintain a presence in a peripheral community that had no allegiance to its unwanted flag.

//Big difference:
Org’s like the Mafia are in it for power and money. IRA are in it to ‘free the Irish people from colonial rule’ ,well thats their excuse for rape and muder.

My God you really do belive everything the media tells you don’t you ?

Give me 1 single example in the entire 30 years of the activity of the Provo’s where a single rape was carried out in the name of the IRA.

Please don’t even pretend you can intelligently reflect on the IRA and N Ireland conflict unless you’ve been there and talked to the people involved. Americans constantly think they are the most informed group of people on the planet and have insight into every situation. The fact of the matter is you don’t know half the story, and you aren’t going to “figure something out” on a message board. Talking about pissing on a corpse is fun when your sitting in your cozy little home, but unless you’ve heard concussions going off down the street or seen your neighbor with his kneecaps shot off, please sit down and shut up.

//unless you’ve heard concussions going off down the street or seen your neighbor with his kneecaps shot off, please sit down and shut up.

Well said a chara.

Hey Cathal & Bodhi. I have had that happen. Both in fact I live i california the asians and hispanics tossin gernades at each other amongst the shootin. and one of my neighbors had been kneecaped by a 13 yr old car jacker in front of his house. As for the rednecks and the hillbillies think of what this country would do if britain tried that shit with us. The IRA is not a huge well funded well armed super power. If any of you ever served you would know small groups can not stand face to face with a larger group. so hit and run, strike from afar tactics must be used. hell we did it in a matter of speakin to the british ourselves. we used snipers, guerilla tactics, and we set bombs on ships hulls, barraks, and areas od congergation when we fought for OUR own freedom. if you have not and or just slow on the uptake go out and rent “Red Dawn”. If i was to really break it down we in the united states strike out at the innocent far more than most 3rd world countries. We are the ones shooting up school yards (late 80 early 90’s stockton calif) or the bombin of a federal building which had a nursey in it. personaly i do not think that they could really support them selves with bootleggin. i think it was a couple of people trin to turn a coin and mabey the had ties to the ira. You all know how the media will strecht things our and how authorities
bend the truth make a evil out of something or someone (scapegoat) when really they have not a clue.